Canal House for Dutch Designer Remy Meijers

Interior architect Remy Meijers is a friend of our family pretty much since day one. When he came to us to select a Sensofloor for his own house we were really excited to help him choose the perfect colour and finish.

Remy designed his house using a ‘shades of grey’ palette with a soothing and serene athmosphere. For his Sensofloor he selected a blend of two bespoke colours mixed in a Fusion installation creating a marbled effect. Really cool stuff!

By now Remy is a much sought after designer. He works for mostly private clients and his projects are to be seen across the globe. Despite the fact that he is only using different shades of grey and no colour at all his designs are both tranquil and exciting. By smartly combining different sheens, textured finishes and natural materials they ooze warmth, depth and a sense of homecoming. With this, each and every one of his interiors a timeless masterpieces.