A company is not built by delivering a product, it is built by the hearts and minds of people who believe in a common goal

Senso’s team of managing partners comes from all sorts of different backgrounds. Former investment bankers, industrialists, real estate developers or flooring wizards. What binds us is our passion for our clients and our goal to help create something that actually looks good and will last a lifetime. Something you can touch and feel, something real. 

It’s a hard working bunch of flooring nerds, fully committed to making your project work for you. Finding solutions for the most difficult challenges, on time and on spec. Feel free to reach out to any of us as we’d be happy to help you with your upcoming project.

Belgium / Frank Huys

Founder / David Bols

The Netherlands / Carl van Vugt

Düsseldorf / Ulrich Rahnen

München / Christian Hofmann

Frankfurt / Patrick Heeren

United Kingdom / Chrissy Murray

Germany / Kai Peters

Switzerland / Raphael Neff

The passion for our product

What binds us is the passion for our product and the way it offers a uniquely formed seamless surface for our customers. We enjoy working on projects that challenge us, both technically and creatively. For architects, designers and end-users, we strive to focus on finding solutions that balances quality, timings and budget.

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