We believe in the strength of unity. This unity is at the core of everything we do and how we think.

It starts with the premise that we believe we help unite interiors. Creating more cohesion and providing an elegant, seamless canvas for different interior ideas.

We believe that we have to deliver products that have a lasting value for buildings. We use premium materials with good design. Lasting products will truly become lasting when they do not harm the environment we live in. At Senso, we believe we have a responsibility to continuously lower our environmental footprint. That’s why we dedicate a chunk of our revenue funding research to do just that. 

All of our products are installed by real people which is why we always honor craftsmanship. Understanding how our products work and the artisan process that is part of them is an important part of what our company is all about.

Ultimately, the company’s success is measured by customer happiness, it is what justifies our existence.

Because a company is nothing short of a group of people working together on a common goal, we hire people that want to work hard and play hard. Uniting passion with fun. 


How green we really are

We believe our products should provide lasting value for the buildings they enhance. Therefore premium materials and superior design is crucial. Earth-friendly products become truly sustainable when they do not harm our living environment or the people that produce or harvest them. At Senso we believe we have a responsibility to continuously reduce our environmental and improve our social footprint.

To achieve this goal, we have decided to allocate a substantial portion of our revenue to R&D. Because we honour the craftsmanship that goes into our floors and walls, all of our products are installed with care by experienced staff. Understanding how our products work, and the artisan process that serves as its foundation, is central to how we think and operate as a company.

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Plant based

The power of quartz

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Others about Senso

Ultimately our success is measured by customer happiness. It is what essentially justifies our existence. We are extremely proud to be able to work for some of the world’s leading companies and our products adorn the headquarters of Tommy Hilfiger, Sony and Warner Bros. You will also find them at many of the Asics, Lululemon and Louis Vuitton stores across the globe. But Nike, Apple and BMW are among our regular customers.

Innovation at the heart, Red Dot Winner

To create something new and exciting for our clients is something we are really passionate about. All of our new ideas are tested in our creative lab, next to our headquarters. And even though many of these new concept will not get passed the drawing board, the result is not an aim in itself. Sometimes the journey is more exciting than the destination, and any voyage may lead to an unexpected and exceptional discovery.

We take inspiration from what we encounter during our many international travels, what we learn from architects and designers and how they look at structure, surface, shape and colour.

Like Apple, Ferrari and LG, we’re a proud winner of the Red Dot Design Award. An award that means a lot to us. Especially because it was chosen by a 40 strong independent jury, focusing on design and quality.

Across the world

What do famous designer Marcel Wanders and Tommy Hilfiger have in common? They all have Senso floors and walls. Like them, we believe in the power of uniting interiors. In beautiful seamless foundations that help you express your individual style. For the past fifteen years, Senso products have marked many interiors of customers across the world. Thank you for considering to be one of them.

Staying close to nature

We truly believe in the power of nature. Senso floors and walls are therefore made using natural materials. Our wall covering is made from ground stone. Our floors are based on bio-polymers and are made from plant derived resins. Ensuring the product has as little impact on the environment as possible and is entirely safe to use.

Service from strong beliefs

Your Senso product comes straight from our hearts. We believe in delivering the best possible product in the best possible way. In the event you encounter a problem with one of our products, we will solve it immediately. We simply want you to enjoy the bright side of life free from troubles. Do stay in touch, even if it is simply to tell us how much you are enjoying our products.

Powerful perfection

Our products have blossomed from a blend of passion, design, knowledge and technique. This combination is exactly what makes our floors and walls stand out. What binds us, is our relentless quest for quality in design and technology.