means more than just the products we create

Senso unites interiors and spaces. We do that by designing innovative, seamless surfaces to create unity.

We believe in products that allow you to distinguish yourself and your surroundings. By choosing Senso you will create a seamless foundation for memories, individual and collective stories, of good times and moments of happiness and enjoyment. No matter where you are.

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about sustainability

When choosing Senso, we would like you to be one hundred percent satisfied so that you can enjoy your Senso product to the fullest. We are equally committed to keep our ecological footprint as little as possible, however we cannot deny that our products do have an impact on our environment.

For this reason, we would like to share with you our honest story on how we look at sustainability.

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as part of our DNA

What really drives us is to help our clients create amazing interiors. We see our seamless floors and walls as the skin of a space. And because it forms such an elemental part of any interior we spend a lot of time designing our products. Whether it is by using new color combinations or different types of aggregates, Sensofloors and Walls offer endless possibilities. Discovering new textures, sheens or using a variety of materials such as wood, steel or stone to blend in with our product is something we really enjoy doing.


build better companies

Our companies’ culture is made by the people that work here. As there is no real hierarchy and we choose not to impose strict working hours, a desk, place of work and every single member of our team enjoys the freedom to start their own project you might get the impression that there is no control. We believe however, that with great freedom comes great responsibility and the system works to attract people that thrive under these circumstances.

We work by a couple of simple rules and as long as we steer away from risk and towards success, our clients are happy and our team is able to offer a great product we will be good to go.

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