Superquartz is a seamless, ceramic-inspired product that combines hard and durable aggregates with our flexible and sustainable biopolymer. Its unique floor pattern creates a vibrant effect that is designed to last for life.

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Superquartz Concrete Bardiglio

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Superquartz Innerwood Bardiglio

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Superquartz Sunrise Bardiglio

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Superquartz Concrete Bardiglio Pearl

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Superquartz Crescent Moon Nero Ebbano

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Superquartz Dune Carrara Pearl

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It is not just a floor, it is a story, a craft, and an experience. Senso’s Superquartz is handcrafted entirely by craftsmen using modern technology. All of our products use biopolymers and this environmentally-friendly material also makes it soft to the touch yet extremely durable. The artisan process requires layers of biopolymer to be poured and then aggregates are added by hand. Creating the ultimate seamless finish and polished to perfection, this floor will last you a lifetime.

The love of imperfection is very much part of the artisan. Using his  tools to cover all  details, edges and corners, he sees what lies beneath and ultimately by his judgment and skill the floor is polished just right. Some parts will remain rougher than other parts, creating that lively and deep appearance. Wherever you look, you will be able to trace the steps to their passion into this new way of craftsmanship.