Panorama penthouse The Hague

Bureau Fraai designed a luxurious penthouse with panoramic views towards both the seaside and the city centre in a former office building, that had been transformed into a high-end residential building. To maintain the 180-degree views from every spot in the penthouse Bureau Fraai decided to introduce free-standing oak volumes creating an open floor concept instead of a traditional layout with walls blocking the view.

To strengthen this relation with the surroundings the architects chose a neutral basis of white and light grey colours for the floors, ceilings and existing walls. In a well-balanced contrast to these neutral colours the free-standing volumes on the seaside are relating to the colours of the dunes and beaches and therefor materialised in a light oak wood.

These volumes create a warm and natural touch with its colour, texture and refined details. As a contrast, in the kitchen and dining room the sober grey colours refer to the modern city skyline.