Our Senso Titan Collection is inspired by artisan, Italian terrazzo floors. Traditionally, broken marble is mixed with cement and then polished. Resulting in an amazing looking finish that will last a lifetime. A major disadvantage of cementitious terrazzo floors however, is that they are extremely sensitive to cracking.

That is why we developed Titan. As we truly love and respect natural, real products and the artisan process we also use real marble sourced from Sienna, Carrara, Verona and sources in Mexico and the United States. Mixed with our biopolymer a magnificently shaped finish is created. Lasting a lifetime, truly seamless.

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Chalk Carrara

0510Y70R Carrara

3d sample

Formosa Carrara

Virgo Carrara Pearl

Lion Rock Bardiglio

8010B70G Nero Ebbano

3d sample


Italian for ‘terrace’ floors were invented in Venice during the 15th century. Leftovers were taken from the quarry home after work and the oddly shaped pieces were mixed with clay and polished for more comfort. Terrazzo flooring became popular in the late 1920’s with Art Deco style driving design and architecture.