Using the ever popular Terrazo style often used in tiled systems we have developed our own, more united system, Superquartz. We have combined hard and durable aggregates with our elastic biopolymer, which results in a unique floor pattern with a vibrant effect that is designed to last for life. 

Superquartz Concrete Bardiglio

View 3D Sample

Superquartz Innerwood Bardiglio

View 3D Sample

Superquartz Sunrise Bardiglio

View 3D Sample

Superquartz Concrete Bardiglio Pearl

View 3D Sample

Superquartz Crescent Moon Nero Ebbano

View 3D Sample

Superquartz Dune Carrara Pearl

View 3D Sample


Superquartz by Senso is entirely laid by hand. This artisan process starts by preparing the surface using a self levelling compound to smoothen the surface and create the perfect base. Followed by the actual poured layer of biopolymers adding the aggregates by hand. To create the ultimate finish the floor is then polished using diamond grinders and polishing pads, ultimately resulting in an amazingly looking handcrafted floor.

The love of imperfection is very much part of the artisan. Using his small handtools to cover all small details, edges and corners, he sees what lies beneath and ultimately by his judgment and skill the floor is polished just right. Some parts will remain rougher than other parts, creating that lively and deep appearance. The way the stones sit into the surface, whether it connects to other flooring products or parts of the building, they all play a role in creating the final look and feel. Wherever you look, you will be able to trace the steps of the actual people putting their passion into this new way of craftsmanship.

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