A culinary trip to Vietnam

Saigon Restaurant, located in Switzerland at the heart of Zürich, offers a culture trip to Vietnam. The contemporary but warm design using wood panels, abundant green and locally source furniture comes from renowned interior design firm Bubentraum. Swiss for ‘childhood dream.’

Cha Gio and Banh Cuon are home made rolls and ricedishes filled with either spicy greens, vegetables or chicken and taste delicious with an icecold local Singha or Chang beer. The family owned restaurant keep close with Vietnamese traditions and preserver their food culture overseas which is a pleasant variation to the more commonly served European or American kitchen.

Grain by Senso

Fusion Fossil

Senso used Grain for this wonderful project, finished with its strong HighTraffic topcoat, increasing longevity and offering antislip features whilst maintaining its easy to clean properties.

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