And why certification is important

Every great product starts with a vision, is perfected by research and backed with data. “Keep every promise you make and only make promises you can keep.” This is why every promise we make is backed by third party testing and certification. No other product is tested as extensively as our Sensofloors. From crack bridging, voc emission testing to uv resistance, fire behaviour as well as a full lifecycle analysis that allows you to calculate the cost of use and the environmental impact during a full lifecycle. Read on and learn more about what we do to maximise our quality and sustainability.

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How it works and what it means

The Cradle2Cradle certification process focuses around five categories. These are Material Health, Material Reutilisation, Renewable Energy, Water & Social Fairness. As such, it is a comprehensive method to assess a companies impact on a great number of areas. Not just the product itself but what impact it has to produce, ship, install and use as well.

As part of our vision to be able to improve on certain areas it is important to gain extensive knowledge and understand where one is when it comes to environmental and social impact.

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And the value of third party validation

An environmental product declaration, or EPD, allows our clients to measure and calculate the cost of our product during the course of it’s entire life cycle, ànd beyond. Because in a circular economy, it is becoming increasingly important to think about future use of building materials after a building has served its time and is due for demolition.

That is what and EPD is all about. It is about transparency and takes into account manufacturing, distributing, use and end of life. At Senso, we’ve always strived for a full circle and that is why as of 2020 we are offering to take back our product after lifecycle free of charge.

Because once shredded and micronised it can replace resources within our production that we’ve otherwise would have taken from nature. And that makes a full circle.

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And the importance of VOC emissions

Indoor Air Quality is a subject that has become very important since early 2020. By now we know that many products used in your home emit harmful VOC’s and as a result have an effect on our health and wellbeing. That is the reason why we have been very involved in bringing innovative flooring products that are not only free of VOC’s but because they are entirely seamless and biologically inert form a clean and easy to maintain surface. In that sense, clean means clean. Our waterproof and resistant sealers form an impenetrable solid surface where bacteria and fungi don’t stand a chance.

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PVH Campus – Home to Tommy Hilfiger & Calvin Klein

As part of a merger between international offices PVH, who owns the Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein brands, started development of a campus like facility to bring together all of their departments. One of the goals was to become LEED Platinum certified and for this they approached Eight Associates from London to help the process of assessing its vendors and contractors. Senso was part of this journey and because of it’s credentials such as Cradle2Cradle, ISO14001 certification and the fact that Senso floors are made using from plant derived resins, allowed PVH to gain additional points which led to the Platinum certification.

We are very proud that we are a longlasting part of this project and the two buildings and always love to take clients to show what an amazing office space could look like.


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