Software Company HQ

ICT Company Sigmax approached famed Dutch architect Paul de Ruiter to design an office that was both compact and streamlined with an uninterrupted glass facade.

The design focussed on sustainability and a minimal boundary between indoors and outdoors. Slim, floatin office floors extend outdoors beyond the glass walls, where they become moss-sedum-lined green roofs.

Sensofloors in HighDensity Fusion Zinc were selected by the client to connect entire floors seamlessly, even continuing the pour onto the steel staircase. Offering sound reducing features Sensofloors are soft to the touch, comfortable and durable. Uniting all spaces without a single interruption. Truly continuous.

Take a look at the rounded glass facade, a beautiful detail. Sensofloors follow every shape of any building effortlessly without constraints of size or form. Equally important is the fact that the use of materials if maximised without any loss of excess product.

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