Rabobank Utrecht

Certainly one of our more challenging projects. For one of the largest banks in the Netherlands, 2000sqm of handcrafted flooring using high-tech digital printing techniques were installed at the offices for Rabobank. Designed by Studio Makkink & Bey, each floor has its own bespoke digital design, emphasising its unique identity. By repeating numbers, patterns and images, a fascinating collection of artworks is being walked on every day!

Working closely together with both the client, the architect and the designer was an amazing process. Everyone just wanted to get the most out of this project and create an astonishing visual image. Transforming the digital image to a floorplan of over 200sqm each was really difficult and we had to spend a lot of time for graphic control, engineering and planning. But in the end, with some blood, sweat and a few tears, it worked and we’re really stoked about the result.