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Mind mapping is a casual method of preparing the steps required in the development of a project, or simply to help better understand what’s on your mind. Specialized computer applications like X-Dia make the whole design process pretty intuitive and accessible to individuals of all levels of experience.
Intuitive design makes it easy to use
You can take the application for a spin as soon as download is done, because there’s no setup involved to make it work. This is an edition of Dia you can use on the go, but it’s not the official Portable DIA, so you might want to keep an eye out for any updates.
The canvas is intuitive, and fitted with quite the variety of helpful tools, and enhancement options. For instance, it’s fitted with a grid by default, to which you can choose to snap objects for accurate placement. Rulers also help in this regard, but you can’t create markers, or additional guidelines.
Rich component libraries, and various export options
The canvas occupies one window, while the toolbox comes as a separate one. An impressive variety of drawing tools are used to insert various shapes with easy methods to resize and move them on the spot. Layers help create multiple parts with more comfort, so you don’t accidentally handle other elements.
Apart from drawing tools, which also include a text box, the application comes with a rich library of predefined components. These too can be adjusted in terms of aesthetics, and are found in groups such as assorted, flowchart, UML, BPMN, chronogram, circuit, cisco, civil, cybernetics, database, electric, jigsaw, lights, logic, map, network, and a lot more.
Pictures play an important role here as well. They’re not mandatory, but surely help to better design the UML map. What’s more, export option supports multiple file types, such as EMF, PNG, PDF, PS, SVG, WMF, DIA, SHAPE, DXF, TEX, BMP, GIF, ICO, CUR, JPG, TIFF, and several more.
In conclusion
Bottom line is that you’re able to create complex diagrams with the help of X-Dia. Although not the official portable edition, it’s packed with the same set of features, rich libraries of components, and an incredibly intuitive design to help individuals of all levels of experience accommodate in a jiffy.









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X-Dia Crack is an intuitive diagramming tool, developed by the DIA team at Hinterland. It is designed to enhance the development process of software development projects. This is a free trial edition, which comes with 60-day money back guarantee.
X-Dia Full Crack Essential Features:
• Rich component library
• Dynamic linked libraries
• Unconditional support for Cyrillic language
• Integrated file repository
• Multiple file export
• Scoped packages
• Diagram exports for EMF, DXF, PDF, PNG, PS, WMF, BMP, JPG, TIFF, SVG, ICO, CUR, and GIF.
X-Dia is a Windows-based software which is built on the top of UNO 1.5.1 and it is distributed freely to the public and free of cost.

With this program you can create, edit, modify and manage.dwg- and.dxf files.
Basically the program allows you to draw objects and change the position of them; connect them and make cuts; prepare screens, backgrounds and add labels; choose colors, line widths, etc. etc.
All of this can be done by means of the mouse, which is intuitive and simple to learn.
Besides the ease of use you can make a number of additional advantages if you know how to use it.
This program is provided for free, as a gift from the developers and designers of the program. It comes with a 30-day demo period which is enough for you to make sure of the program’s worth.
You can always ask for a trial of the program by contacting the developer via email.
It’s just that you have to use the email option provided so that you will be able to get an invitation to install the program which will allow you to try it for 30 days.
Useful link to the program from the developer’s website:

TopBuilder is a free software and a utility for creating, modifying and converting DWG, DXF, DWF, DGN, DFX and other 2D drawing files.
Also the software has supports for auto-recovery for open problems on the imported DWG files and an option to continue working with the file even if autocorrect options cannot be used.
Features include:-
1)Can create, edit, open, save, print and complete functions to update a file

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“X-Dia is a diagramming and vector graphics application capable of combining several diagram types into a single graphic, including graphs, maps, timelines, and schedules. It is also capable of exporting its graphics to various formats, including Microsoft Office. The most powerful feature of X-Dia is its ease of use: regardless of whether a user is a newcomer or an experienced graphician, X-Dia provides all of the tools needed to create graphics.”
It has all the tools and features you would expect from a professional vector graphics program. What sets it apart from other programs is the ease of use, and the range of supported diagram formats, shapes, and components that give it its high productivity value.
Do you have any specific X-Dia reviews? If you are interested in submitting them, please send them to:
Your reviews will help us to improve this application. Thank you!

Note: Download shortcut has been disabled due to COPPA policy.
This is the portable version of UltraEdit without you having to install it, save files on your computer, and handle memory leak risk every time you want to access it. It works on any computer without any restrictions, such as Windows, Mac OS, Android and iOS.
UltraEdit is a powerful yet user-friendly text editor for programmers, web designers, and other professionals. With a simple, yet powerful interface and a broad range of editing features, this free version is a great tool for any editor on the go.
What does UltraEdit have to offer?
• Syntax highlighting
• Indent or Outdent lines
• Window splitting
• Arbitrary line breaks
• Entering tabs
• Split the current file
• Replace the current selection
• Fold the current/selected region
• Copy/Paste/Undo/Redo
• Undo/Redo the last operation
• Auto-complete
• Auto-formatting
• Replace all occurrences
• Find/Replace across entire file
• Search and Replace across the entire file
• Line number option
• Spell checking
• Git integration
• File transfer with FTP, SSH, SFTP, WebDav
• Rebase operation
• Ctrl-click to add a line under the cursor
• Auto-indent
• View additional help in any buffer
• Break the current editing line in multiple parts
• Unicode support
• Highlight the current line to the end of the line
• Project template

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Create, manage, and collaborate on concepts, visually. X-Dia is the fast, lightweight, & easy-to-use visual collaboration software for concept development. It’s a whiteboard and mind mapping app that’s all about capturing ideas, insights, and processes.
Your workspace is your canvas.
Create dynamic, visual collaborations. Concept mapping is at its best when ideas flow spontaneously and effortlessly. Collaboration app X-Dia captures your ideas as the flow they are to ensure that others can view, respond to, and contribute to them.
Let it be.
Focus on creating with the tool of your choice.
X-Dia’s whiteboard is like an on-trend canvas. It’s optimized for meetings with its surface as an iPad, so you can focus on the flow of ideas and not the technology.
Collaborate easily with anyone.
With X-Dia, you’re not alone. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned professional, you’ll work with people with various backgrounds and skill levels. Everyone understands visual collaboration, and it’s easy to identify who should be involved and which ideas are editable.
X-Dia’s best friends
It’s never been easier to collaborate on visual ideas. The best ideas flow from the best minds, and X-Dia puts them all within easy reach. Use the right tools for the job, and flow more freely.
What’s in the box
X-Dia is the best collaboration tool for capturing ideas and information. It is packed with powerful features such as:
• Layers: Easy to capture and organize your ideas.
• Measuring tool: Capture sizes and distances.
• Drawing tools: Create complex symbols quickly.
• Symbols and shapes: Choose from a library of reusable symbols and shapes.
• Tools: Customize shapes and colors to make your boards more expressive.
X-Dia is the ultimate visual collaboration software for creative professionals and students.
Give yourself the tools you need to capture, organize, and make sense of ideas. The best brainstorming, idea capturing, and collaboration apps are right at your fingertips.
Download the app
X-Dia is available for Mac, iPad, and iPhone.
Mac and iPad download:
iPhone download:

What’s New In X-Dia?

Download X-Dia

December 23, 2018


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