Creativity of designers for a sensational interior


Known for his designs for L’Oreal, Moroso and Moooi and one of the stars in the international design world. Edward van Vliet designed a new wallcovering and logo for Senso.

Edward is not only a great designer, but also an amazing person. When we met him during Salone in Milan, we formed an instant bond. We started to make our design seamless wall finish that is made ​​of crushed stone. We also invited some fellow architects to give their opinion to us. We were honoured to meet Mr Cees Dam, a close friend of Edward and a world-renowned Dutch architect. Now 80 and still very active, he also gave his input for the development of the wall finish.


Designers of light sculptures and famous the world over. Annette van Egmond and William Brand deliver light to royalty, the famous and greats. Senso worked with Annette and William to illuminate our showrooms and headquarters.

We met William a few years ago and talked about our ideas for interiors. In his view, the best interiors combine a strong, peaceful base, with special display elements that express your style. We feel the same way.

Visit the video of William Brand on Senso.


Marcel Wanders is one of the leading international designers at the moment. His work is located in the permanent collections of museums around the world and he designs for companies such as Nike, Swarovski, Mac and Puma.

When we heard that Marcel its design office would move to Amsterdam, we asked about his interest with us to design a new collection. We are still proud that he promised. During the design process we were impressed by his profound knowledge of materials. He immediately understood the capabilities of our product Freeze. In this product, we can seamlessly aangbrengen a random design in the floor. He added the trompe l’oeil effect, making a schijnfdimensionaliteit arises. The Impressions collection received a lot of attention in the international press and helped us to do. Incredible projects.