finally, in a period of 30 minutes of the end of 2017, I bought 2 of them. But I had a problem with the digital color panel. I contacted the company by email and they answered me in a timely manner and I got the replacement without any problems.

I hope that can be useful for someone with the same problem.
And yes, they are reliable.

I am glad to read your feedbacks.
Please inform me if you think of having any other problem or to know about the other models they can offer.
I thank you for your comments.



I too purchased one of these scales for my husband. His work required him to weigh in and out of the building to track his weight. At home, he still wants to weigh in, but doesn’t have the time to do so daily. So I had this scale installed in our bathroom.
When I initially started using it, it was working fine. We tried it in the shower and it worked as expected. It is fairly light and compact and easy to carry around the bathroom.
I am able to change the weight from my phone and I have an app that monitors his weight. We also get automatic alerts on our phone if he’s gained weight.
As I said, everything was working fine. Then, at some point after the scale was turned on, the panel stopped working. It would display the weight and the display would be frozen, as if the button were pressed. At first I thought it was a battery problem and I went to a store to replace it, but the scale still had battery life and it still would not work. I contacted customer service and they directed me to the site for a replacement. They were very responsive and helpful. I was able to get a replacement that same day. I highly recommend the company and their products. I’m sure you will be very happy with them.


I bought a digital bathroom scale from Walgreens back in 2016. It was a no-name brand, and I was very happy with it.
Fast forward to July 2017. I started to use it, and it was not working anymore.
The scale was just sitting there, in the room, not working.
I called the customer service department, and it was the person from the company that answered the call who asked if I wanted to return the product.
I explained to him that it wasn’t working, but that I couldn


A digital bathroom scale is a must-have for every bathroom, and you can now purchase one from Walgreens.com. This digital bathroom scale, featuring a large, easy-to-see display, is both accurate and easy to use.
Digital Bathroom Scale w/Large Display – Black – 1 ea.

Walgreens.com has the cheapest prices.

I have tried several digital bathroom scales, and these are by far the best. Easy to use, very accurate, easy to read. Walgreens is the only place I found this scale.

Walgreens Digital Bathroom Scale w/Large Display – Black – 1 ea.

When you purchase a digital bathroom scale from Walgreens, you have the option of giving them a gift certificate, making it an even better gift.

Walgreens Digital Glass Scale With Body Analysis Features at Walgreens. Get free shipping at $35 and view promotions and reviews for Walgreens Digital Glass .

It took a bit of reading and some trial and error to figure out how to set up my digital bathroom scale. Read below to figure out how to set it up.

Step 1

Place the scale on a flat surface in your bathroom, preferably not carpet.

Step 2

Turn the knob at the base. The display screen should light up. If it is light up, and the screen is black, the scale is not working.

Step 3

Place your foot on the scale. Then step off. The scale will read 0, and then read your weight again. The best part is the display will now read your weight.

Step 4

If for some reason you can not get your scale to read your weight, or the display is white, you can try resetting it. This can be done by pulling up and down on the scale, turning the knob a few times until the display light flashes red, then pushing the power button.

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Walgreens is an American retail chain that was founded in 1902 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, by Charles Walgreen Sr. Walgreens pioneered the use of the self-service pharmacy retail model, and is known for its slogan “We make going to the doctor easy” (the first use of the slogan was during the 1960s). Their logo, based on the Greek goddess of justice, is also a staple of the company’s marketing and advertising