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Key Features:
1. Shows all the input molecules as drawn by ChemDraw.
2. All data are available in both 2D and 3D format.
3. Clicking on the molecule in the table will show it in ChemDraw and has the option to save it.
4. The molecule represented in the table, and then by clicking on its name will show it in ChemDraw and it will be saved.
5. 3D models can be rotated in spherical coordinates, and then saved.
6. Shows all the numbers needed to calculate the VSEPR in 3D using Chem3D.
7. Calculates the linear shape (from LS and KS), quadratic form (QT), tetragonal triangle (from T), pentagonal (from P), hexagonal (from H), octahedral (from O), tetrahedral (from T), trigonal planar (from p), chiral (from V) and tricoordinated (from P2).
8. Zinc is an exception in that it is not taken into account when calculating the linear shape or volume.
9. Layers and chiral parameters can be saved to separate lists.
10. Layers can be reverted in the 3D molecule.
11. Format:
VSEPR Table Torrent Download:
– Layers: tr (trigonal), pent (pentagonal), hex (hexagonal), oct (octahedral), tet (tetrahedral), tp (tetrahedral), ch (chiral), v (chiral),
12. VSEPR (linear, quadratic and tetrahedral volumes):
– 1. LS: linear shape
– 2. KS: Klyalistov Shape
– 3. VSEPR: for VSEPR only (needs to be converted to 2D)
13. VSEPR (structural analysis):
– 1. LMS (Lewis Mass)
– 2. QTD (Quadratic Topology)
– 3. QTAIM (quantum theory of atoms in molecules)
– 4. AIMD (Atoms in Molecules Dynamic)
– 5. ELF (electron localization function)
14. Drawing and saving:
– 1. From ChemDraw (step 1 and step 2 are needed to convert to Chem3D)
– 2. From Chem3D (step 1 is needed)
– 3. From QTAIM (step


This powerful table is the result of several months of work and effort to include all relevant information. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned user, you’re bound to find something useful in this table.
This software requires Python 3.6 or higher
If you notice a bug or have any suggestions or improvements, please send us an email


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VSEPR Table Crack+ Serial Key X64

This handy little tool is ideal for anybody who needs to know how to prepare for their upcoming exams and give presentations. It includes a large amount of VSEPR information and also provides a vast amount of other useful information, such as the chemical name of the atomic bonds.
You can learn a great deal about the structure of a molecule by checking the characters of its VSEPR table. The VSEPR table gives you an indication of whether the bonds are single, double or triple. Therefore, when you know what the VSEPR table tells you, you can predict, for example, whether it is idealized or optimized.
Furthermore, by understanding how the VSEPR table works you can predict the orientation of a molecule.
The VSEPR Table also contains many other bits of useful information, such as the number of lone electron pairs, molecular orbitals, bond orders and finally the usual bond distance values for each atom.
VSEPR Table Features:
The VSEPR Table consists of a list of numbers that represent the molecular geometry and shape. These numbers can then be plotted in a 2D molecular structure.
You can select the number of pairs or lone pairs that surround the central atom, which will be displayed along with the length of each bond. This data will then be displayed on the screen.
You can also sort the molecules according to their chemical name, molecular formula, chemical geometry and valence state.
You can add comments to any molecule and the comments will be highlighted by the coloring that has been applied to their VSEPR table.
You can export the information that is displayed on the screen to Excel, Google Docs or CSV.
VSEPR Information:
The VSEPR Table can be applied to any type of molecule, such as organic, inorganic or any other type of molecule you may want to study. The VSEPR Table is highly useful for geometry prediction and for explaining the structure of a molecule.
It is based on a quantum theory, so it is used to predict the molecular geometry from a Lewis structure with an idealized geometry.
The VSEPR Table is suitable for giving a visual representation of the bond angles and lengths by using the numeric value that is given in it.

VSEPR Table Description:

VSEPR Table Features:

By knowing the VSEPR table, you can predict the type of the molecular geometry, whether it is the idealized or the optimized.
The VSEPR Table also shows you

What’s New In VSEPR Table?

1. The VSEPR Table is an application that allows users to prepare for their next presentation or study for their Chemistry exams by providing them with various useful bits of data that are neatly organized within the main screen. Therefore, the information can be easily accessed even by inexperienced users.
2. The VSEPR Table includes a list of molecular geometries, their names and angles so that molecular shape can be predicted from the 2D Lewis structure based on the number of bonding electron pairs and the number of lone electron pairs.
3. The molecular geometry in the VSEPR table can be pasted into ChemBioOffice or ChemOffice. Furthermore, it can be imported into any other major molecular modeling programs. Therefore, if it is necessary, it can be used for subsequent calculations.
4. The VSEPR Table is fairly lightweight and does not require Java. Therefore, it is ideal for slower computers or laptops. The current version of the VSEPR Table can be run on a standard computer or laptop.
5. The VSEPR Table is fully compatible with any version of ChemBioOffice or ChemOffice since it is a native ChemBioOffice or ChemOffice Add-In. The VSEPR Table works with any version of ChemBioOffice or ChemOffice from version 8.0 to 2016.
6. There are five different styles of the VSEPR Table. The VSEPR Title can be changed using drop-down menus.
7. The VSEPR Table contains two main sections:
a) Graphical Representations: The VSEPR List of molecules contains the graphical representations of all the molecule.
b) VSEPR Properties: It contains the VSEPR properties of the molecules and other information.
8. Each molecule in the VSEPR List contains the following properties:
a) VSEPR Table: This property indicates the presence of the VSEPR table.
b) Structure: This property can be set to three different options such as Lewis formula, 2D Lewis, and QTAIM.
9. The VSEPR Property is accessible by clicking on the top of the molecule. The properties can be set by clicking on the graphic representation of the molecule or by clicking the VSEPR Table.
10. The VSEPR Table can be deleted by clicking on the x in the top right of the table. When it is deleted, the data in the table is also deleted.
11. The VSEPR List can be copied by highlighting it

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