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Click Link >>> Dream Thieves (The Raven cycle, No. 2) Maggie Stifvater PDF .pdf Statement about the theater by Lucretius Borgia (book “On the Nature of Things”, translated by V.P. Botvinnik)
I remember in the early 1990s I heard the song Pale-faced Crow in one of the radio programs, which began with the words I remember, you remember that something else was said there, but definitely not about this song, although at that moment I I heard and felt real Texas folklore for the first time. I realized that this is it, something incredibly dear and close, which fills my life with joy, makes me laugh, cry, loves and loves, loves me. So yes, this is exactly the same! But what is he? How do I know this? How can I know this? So I thought and thought until I finally understood, and then it was too late to ask questions. I already knew. I should have known.
Since I understood the fundamental principles on which the work of Texas folklore is built, I have always known that even during the period of the most emotional and vivid novel with this genre, I will not stay too long, but rather forget it altogether, as I forgot everything else in my childhood, and if suddenly, God forbid, I have children, and with them there will be a new romance, then, I knew, I would let him take me with him, just as I once allowed everything else that was around to get into my kitchen , including old friends and relatives who only had to snap their fingers to enter and stay. So, I enlightened that folklore has no place here, and I had a desire to get rid of it as soon as possible (and maybe forever).

Julia and Anthony
In early 1990, I returned to Hollywood to begin work on the script for the film Phantom Romance (translated by I. Skobeleva). This movie comic was produced by Universal Studios and directed by Patrick Leonard and Peter Farrelly. Daniel Brill made his debut as the title character, former coachman Joe Green, who is kidnapped by his own crew during the film.