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Create date and time pickers for your Delphi, C++Builder, FireMonkey and RAD Studio applications.
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License: The components are released under the GNU General Public License, and this blog post offers a non-commerical license.
For more information, contact the TMS Team at

Today, we’re releasing the latest version of the TMS VLC UI Pack, version 5.
This release supports the latest version of TMS Video List Box, and contains several new features. The updated version has been tested in Delphi 7, and C++Builder 2008, Delphi XE6, and C++Builder XE6.
As usual, the current release does not include any major improvements, but it’s guaranteed to be the last one as long as the components are updated. However, new components can be added later, and we will do our best to provide these updates for our customers.
Please note that this release does not contain the Custom UI Pack component available in previous releases.
For more information, contact the TMS Team at

The latest update to the TMS VLC UI Pack is version 5.4. We have added new features and some bug fixes.
Please note that this update is the last release that will support Delphi 7, Delphi 2009, C++Builder 2007, C++Builder 2009, or Delphi XE. We are currently working on a new version that is compatible with Delphi XE2, XE3, and XE4.
If you are a TMS customer, you can find the new version here. If you are interested in testing TMS components in your development environment, please send an email at support@tmscomponents.com.
TMS Team

I am pleased to announce that I will be taking part in this year’s Embarcadero developer conference in San Francisco (

TAdvDateTimePicker Crack License Key Download

TAdvDateTimePicker Crack is a Windows application that you can use to edit dates and times from the Windows operating system. It supports a long date range and different time formats, and it is easy to integrate into your Delphi and C++Builder software.

Many software developers choose to rely on components and component packages to streamline their work, as it is a lot easier to add new features to your product when you don’t have to build everything from scratch.
A date and time picker can be required for many types of applications, and it can make the process of inputting these values more simple for your users.
TAdvDateTimePicker is a Delphi and C++Builder component that can be integrated into your software with relatively little effort. It is part of the TMS Component Pack, and it is available for multiple integrated development environments.
Once you have downloaded the components pack, you will be able to find the date and time picker in a separate archive, depending on the IED you are using. TAdvDateTimePicker supports both the latest and older versions of Delphi and C++Builder.
TAdvDateTimePicker makes it possible to edit a full TDateTime value with the use of a single component, and it is compatible with TDateTimePicker. On Windows XP and Vista, it uses the standard XP and Vista themes, respectively.
The downloadable archive contains, aside from the components, installation and quick start guides designed to help developers integrate them into their software.

Turn off “Warn as Error” option in the formatting
In C++Builder, the option to “Warn as Error” when using
format, scanf, or other input routines is turned on by
default. This is annoying, because when some routine
fails to read the string, a message box pops up and error
codes begin to appear.
Turn the option off. This has
the added benefit that errors only show as yellow
“caution” rather than red “error” boxes.
Reference: STL/CRITICAL_SECTION: Reentrancy

# 1276: Added cdefgl to C++Builder
#1280: Added itermap.pas to C++Builder
#1284: Added png2jpeg.pas to C++Builder, Bruno
#1372: Added C:\Programs\CodeMyLive\TMS PACK\SQLite3\SQLite3

TAdvDateTimePicker With Serial Key Free

TAdvDateTimePicker is a date and time component that can be integrated with almost any application. It supports both the native Windows XP/Vista TDateTimePicker for editing individual date and time values and the TMS VLC UI TDateTimePicker for editing a full TDateTime value with a single component.
Note: TAdvDateTimePicker has been extensively tested with C++Builder 2005 and Delphi 2005.

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What’s New in the TAdvDateTimePicker?

This package makes it possible to have a date and time input mask on Windows with the
TAdvDateTimePicker component.
TAdvDateTimePicker screenshots:
[Login Form – Click here]
[Button – Click here]
[Usage Screenshot – Click here]
[Date & Time edit mode – Click here]
[Form editor – Click here]
[Source code on GitHub – Click here]
This is the recommended solution if you want your users to be able to access a date & time edit control in your application, regardless of their operating system or version.
TAdvDateTimePicker Components
[Windows Control – Click here]
[Date & Time edit control – Click here]
Installation Instructions:
Unzip the downloaded archive in the same directory as your components install file and then add the following lines to your Project or Package sources list, in one of the following formats.

{Your Project Directory}/Demo Date & Time Picker

{Your Project Directory}/Demo Date & Time Picker/{Your Project
Directory}/{Your Project File}/ {Your Project Source File}
[Note – The example file is DemoDemo.dpr – It is an example application.
The components can be used to create your own components, and you may find
that you need to change the names of some of the components for compatibility
with your own application.]
[Note – The examples, for each component, make reference to an example directory and
example file within this directory. The example can also be used as a template
and instructions for how to create components in your own project.]
[Note – You may find that you have to edit the Project/Package sources
lists yourself. Instructions are given on the website.]

Similar Component Packs

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If you don’t find your desired component here, you can look in the component directory to find the latest version.

Component names are drawn from the tagged branches or tags.

The version of the components will be the version number of the branch or tag.

By default, all components are marked as compatible with the previous and next, or previous and next versions.Jim F. Kenyon

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