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Start your Windows Firewall
Start your Windows Firewall with Sygate Personal Firewall PRO. It is a multi-layer firewall that gives you the ability to define programs, settings, and firewall rules.
Convenient User Interface
You can navigate through the interface with ease. It provides full control over Windows Firewall, and allows you to define programs, add exceptions, change settings and make a snapshot of your firewall.
Top Features

Multiple Rules
You can define multiple firewall rules. For example, you can create rules for incoming and outgoing programs, or you can create rules for incoming connections that are allowed only once per day.
Customize settings
You can customize the settings on how to define new programs. For example, you can add a rule for a program by creating a notification.
Advanced Rules
You can define advanced rules. For example, you can block unwanted connections, block incoming programs, block Internet Explorer, block video, or prevent an automatic update.
Start your Windows Firewall with Sygate Personal Firewall PRO. It is a multi-layer firewall that gives you the ability to define programs, settings, and firewall rules.

Advanced Features

Save snapshot
You can create a snapshot of your current firewall settings. It will contain a snapshot of all your firewall settings at the moment.
Configure exceptions
You can define exceptions to the firewall. For example, you can create a rule for a program by creating a notification.
You can record your activity and security events on your computer.
Integrate with Symantec Endpoint Protection
It integrates with Symantec Endpoint Protection. You can define your list of programs to automatically scan and resolve with Symantec Endpoint Protection.
Block download from websites
You can block unwanted programs and websites from downloading on your computer.
Supports Windows Vista, Windows XP, and Windows 7

• An easy to use interface• Sophisticated and powerful features• Blocks access to unwanted websites and programs• Helps to avoid internet fraud• Can also be used as a new firewall alternative• Use it to stop online fraud
Important Stuff:
• This program will not function properly without the original Windows Firewall.• The program will work properly only if you start it in administrator mode.• Your computer must be running Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 7.• Use caution, because it’s easy to get infected.

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KeyMacro enables you to create a macro which will automatically copy/paste content into the clipboard of the Windows application.
Windows clipboard is made up of two fields, the first one is a Windows Clipboard list, which stores all the content typed/copied into the computer by the user. The second one is the Windows System Clipboard, which contains additional items (e.g. images, rich text, etc.) which are not copied by the user.
With KeyMacro, you can create a macro which will automatically replace the Windows Clipboard content with any information/content/file which you would like to have automatically copied/pasted into the Windows application.
KeyMacro Features:
* Allows to create a Macro which will automatically copy/paste content into the Clipboard
* Allows to copy/paste content into the Clipboard from within any Windows application
* Allows to select what items to be copied/pasted into the Windows Clipboard
* Allows to do this using any of the following methods:
* Dragging the items to the Windows Clipboard (or from the Mac clipboard)
* Using the application’s menu (Alt+V/Control+V/etc…)
* Keyboard Shortcut (pressing Ctrl+V/Shift+Insert/etc… for KeyMacro)
* Using the application’s context menu (right-click the items)
* Using the application’s standard menu (right-click the item/etc…)
* Alt+V to copy and Alt+Shift+V to paste
* Shows you the current clipboard status
* Displays a summary of the last 20 actions
* Doesn’t modify the clipboard list, which stores the actual items copied by the user
* Can store up to 20 entries
* A bug-free program
* No external dependencies (except WinAPI.dll)
Macro-Linux is an easy-to-use and powerful macro recorder that records mouse and keyboard actions and then creates keyboard shortcuts or automates web browser sessions, thereby enabling you to perform most commonly-used tasks faster and easier.
It works in a similar manner as screen recording software, except that it is intended for recording short mouse and keyboard actions, or entering commands into the command line.
This means that Macro-Linux is suitable for recording most commonly-used tasks, such as moving and copying files, launching applications, displaying web pages, editing text documents, etc.
Key Features:
– Supports keyboard macros, GUI mouse macros, single

Sygate Personal Firewall PRO Latest

Innovative and user-friendly security tool that provides full protection against network attacks
Requires no configuration, just install and start monitoring
Assures maximum protection by examining all programs and every application for compatibility issues
Allows individual security adjustments, such as blocking certain programs and networks
Can scan & repair any security issue
Shows the program’s rating and details in the form of a three-tier rating system
Generates detailed reports

Windows Firewall aims to offer the basic means to keep data safe from unauthorized access via various networks or the Internet. More advanced dedicated tools can also be used, one such being Sygate Personal Firewall Pro, a software that ensures the security of your computer, thanks to a powerful firewall.
Manage incoming and outgoing data
In the user-friendly interface you can view incoming and outgoing traffic history, as well as an attack history graph.
Furthermore, you can control running applications (“Allow”, “Ask”, “Block”, “Terminate”), as well as change their viewing mode (e.g. “Application Details”, “Connection Details”).
Keep track of your activity
In addition, you can visualize a list of applications that have been verified by Sygate Personal Firewall Pro and access “Advanced Settings” to input program restrictions, enable scheduling, and more.
You can also view a traffic log (time, action, severity, direction, protocol, remote host), security, packet and system log, as well as get backtrack information on each program.
Surf the web incognito
Plus, you can set advanced rules, perform a security test, block Network Neighborhood traffic while the computer is in screensaver mode, password-protect the firewall, select the network interface, configure “Smart Traffic” handling, as well as enable stealth mode browsing, DLL authentication, email notifications, and more.
Uses little of your system’s resources
The program uses a low amount of system resources, comes with a well-drawn help file, performs automatic updates and notifies you whenever a third-party software attempts to connect to your computer.
To end with
On an ending note, since it doesn’t require an initial configuration, even rookies can use Sygate Personal Firewall Pro as an alternative to the Windows Firewall. It provides a powerful set of tools that can surely be of help in keeping files secured. We strongly recommend it.
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What’s New In Sygate Personal Firewall PRO?


The purchase of this program was a good investment!

Hands down the best security application I have ever used. The free version is amazing but I really couldn’t live with out Sygate Pro. Everything from managing my programs to keeping an eye on what is happening with all of my other programs that open.

I have used programs that block sites, but after I have used this, I don’t see the point in paying for an app that basically does the same thing. This is just a must have.

Sygate Pro is an excellent firewall that protects against many different types of attacks. It provides a good interface and allows the user to customize it to fit their needs. It has many very useful features that any home user could be thankful for.

I can see myself recommending this to people in the future who might be considering buying a firewall.Pages

Monday, November 6, 2013

Burger Dog and Pretzel Sandwich

I haven’t made hamburgers or hot dogs in years. It was just something that had always worked great for the family. We eat a lot of burgers, but we have been trying a new veggie burger out at Whole Foods and it was so good! The veggies in there are perfect and since we are vegans we feel good about eating it.

So I wanted to make a veggie burger for the family, but wanted something different. I came up with this great idea to make a burger that was a combo of a hamburger and a hot dog and a pretzel. What could be better? The taste is out of this world!

Butter lettuce, tomato, pickle, and mustard

I love making veggie burgers and I think this one turned out great. My friends loved it too. The kids had the burgers and sandwiches too!

I served it on cut wheat rolls and also in sandwich bags. If you would like to make it, use a veggie burger, hot dog and a pretzel!

A friend of mine gave me a little sample of a pretzel and we were craving them! I combined the pretzel with the veggie burger and it worked out well.

Now I have been craving a burger so I can’t wait to try this again with beef patties and cheese, no veggies!


About Me

I am a mom and a chef. I love the challenge of creating new and exciting recipes, but I also like to relax with a good book. I like to travel and I have lived in Japan for over a year. I love to cook, read, and bake.Island of Lust

Island of Lust is the sixth studio album by the German power metal band Kamelot. It was released on July 11, 2011 by Nuclear Blast.

Track listing


Thomas Young

System Requirements:

Mac OS 10.9 or later, Mac OS X Lion and later supported
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard not supported
At least 64-bit processor
2GB or more of memory
500MB free disk space
1080p (1080 x 1920) or better video output
What’s New:
This update addresses various bugs and other minor issues as well as several enhancements, including enhancements to the game’s audio.
How To Install:
From the App Store:
Uninstall the