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Many parents encourage their children to play a musical instrument even when they are young, since this can help them develop a wide range of skills.
However, keeping your kids interested in any task can be quite a challenge, especially when they are young, so you need to make sure you use tools suitable for their age. MetroGnome is one such app that can help your children improve their music skills without making it seem like it is an ordeal.
A metronome especially designed for youngsters
Once you install this application, you need to take some time to request an evaluation license so you can make the most of its functions.
Since it is created mostly for children, the GUI (graphic user interface) is not only as simple as possible, but also colorful and attractive, aiming to appeal to kids due to the funny leprechaun and cute bees.
Improve children’s music rhythm with little hassle
MetroGnome features several types of rhythms, and you, or your child, can easily navigate through them, depending on the one you want to exercise: Largo, Adagio, Andante, Moderato, Allegro or Presto.
The number of beats and ticks can also be adjusted, according to the music instrument or the song your kid is currently learning to play.
Remove all animations and focus on the sound
Once your child has gotten accustomed to the rhythm, you can help them practice by removing all the visual animations and aids, so as to leave only the sounds. Alternatively, you can disable the sound when you want the pupils to tap the rhythm on their own.
All in all, MetroGnome can be a fun way to teach children about music rhythm, as well as get them familiarized with the many types of tempo. Its user-friendly GUI makes is suitable for kids, yet adults can also enjoy its functions and practice their own skills as well.







Streaming Audio Recorder 1.08 Crack+ Torrent [32|64bit] Latest

Streaming Audio Recorder is a full-featured recording solution that captures audio with the use of a portable device or PC. The app offers highly customizable features to ensure perfect results, including a set of standard recording effects and a vast number of options with respect to input and output settings.
The app includes both audio and video features for recording, in case users wish to capture a video plus audio, or vice versa. Users are also given access to all the necessary tools, such as length calculation, transitions and more.
Furthermore, the recording should be quick, since the software provides several recording configurations and has full support for volume and pitch adjustments. Lastly, each recording is made in an MP3 audio format.
Streaming Audio Recorder comes with a pre-made sound library, plus the app has a helper file and a sample file that you can use to test the application’s options before installing it on your PC. The package also has a comprehensive help section that should, at least, keep users on track.
Octasoft Free PDF to Keynote Converter Free PDF to Keynote is a fast and simple way to convert PDF files to Keynote Presentations. The conversion is very accurate and all the text, images, tables and other elements are kept in their original form. However, the program does not offer any editing options, which is a drawback for those who wish to add their own ideas to the documents or images.
Additionally, the conversion process is simple and can be completed within seconds.
Converter converts PDF to Keynote with lightning speed
Easy to use interface. Support for all the most popular PDF formats
Convert any file to high-quality Keynote file
There are several file formats supported, including PDF, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PowerPoint, and more. Users will be able to easily manipulate the document before converting it to Keynote.
In addition to the simple conversion, there is a broad list of features provided, including the possibility of adding multiple pages, password protection, and the capability of generating thumbnails for the resultant file.
What’s New:
Worked on bug fixes and functional improvements.
What’s New:
Worked on bug fixes and functional improvements.
New Features:
Advanced conversion options!
OS: Windows 10 or higher
· 16+ GB of RAM
· 128 GB of free storage space

Streaming Audio Recorder 1.08 Crack + License Key Latest

New! Streaming Audio Recorder Download With Full Crack is a audio recorder that records multiple audio formats while streaming them to a flash player. It saves directly from the sound card as.mp3,.ogg,.wav or.WMA files. The features include: setting the bit-rate, sample-rate, number of channels, sample-size, and choosing the recording location.

Take advantage of this Mac app by integrating it with the In Touch Cloud app. See how much data you’re using and where that data is going, then get insights to make better decisions, save your Wi-Fi, and even plan your next vacation. To get started just install the Cloud Proxy and follow the steps.



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Streaming Audio Recorder 1.08 Crack+

MyStreamingRecorder is a lightweight and easy to use streaming audio recorder tool.It allows you to record,pause,play and edit streaming audio such as AVI,MP3,WAV,SVCD or other formats streaming audio on the fly.

Simply unpack the application and run. All the required files will be added to the applications installation directory. To uninstall the application, delete the MyStreamingRecorder.exe file
List of Features:
•Support multiple playlists and play/records a song from any of them
•Full screen support
•Records audio to uncompressed WAV files
•Records audio to MP3 files
•Plays audio files
•Supports recording from any application that has a sound device attached to them.
•Access to settings
•Support WAV,MP3 and OGG files
•Install more than one instance
•Supports multi-threading
•Multiple playlists
•Supports 3D hardware acceleration
•Support system tray icon
•Windows 7 support
•Support Windows 8,10

Valve is one of the leading developers in the fields of computer video games and the gaming industry, having been active since 1997. One of the most important elements of a game’s success is providing unique services to your players. The company is also known for having developed the popular Steam gaming platform which is widely used by many players around the world.
Steam is considered to be one of the best ways to spend your free time or improve your skills, and its users have had the opportunity to play so many amazing games thanks to this platform. However, for a single person or for a small team working in a team, the amount of time needed to play the games provided by Steam is not very efficient, and this leads to the need to use the free games provided by Steam. And among those is the Dirty Bomb Beta and Beta 1 Tournament 2.
With these two games, it is possible to play a lot of games, from different genres, for free. Dirty Bomb Beta is a FPS (first-person shooter) game, which allows you to participate in different challenges and tournaments, where players have a chance to win the best weaponry.
If you are a beginner or just a casual player, you can choose to play as a Double agent that will perform various missions with the help of your AI partner.

What’s New in the?

Not everything is about music.
If it is music or not, then the content is not about music.
We want you to view and enjoy movies, videos, and music, we also want you to listen to music, so we think that you should have the best music recording software, especially when you record audio or video, if you use the free music recording software, we have to pay a lot of money, let’s look at the user experience.
– The main feature of the app is the recording, editing, burning and loading to your device.

Recorder Features:

– Support both MacOS and Windows OS.

– Support 200+ audio or video format.

– Support recording and burning to a variety of audio devices.

– Supports recording and editing of audio and video.

– Easy to use, fast, highly compatible and very simple to use.

– Save the recording direct to your local disk and to iCloud.

– Support expandable and format conversion.

– Supports output to HDMI/MP3/AAC/M4A/WAV/FLAC/OGG/MP3/MP4/MPEG-4/MIDI/Ogg FLAC/MO3 FLAC as well as recording to ogg Vorbis.


1.Due to the differences between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item. We guarantee the style is the same.
2. Due to continuous improvement, the system configuration may be updated periodically, the actual configuration settings may not be entirely consistent with the description of the item.


● Support recording of audio and videos (up to 300 videos or 300 hours)
● Support editing of audio and video
● Support burning to CD and DVD
● Support offline playback
● Support export to a variety of audio and video formats
● Support expandable and format conversion
● Support output to HDMI/MP3/AAC/M4A/WAV/FLAC/OGG/MP3/MP4/MPEG-4/MIDI/Ogg FLAC/MO3 FLAC as well as recording to ogg Vorbis
● Supports a variety of audio formats, such as MP3, AAC, Vorbis and OGG
● Supports video formats that include MP4, MOV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, FLV, DV, M

System Requirements For Streaming Audio Recorder:

OS: Windows 7 (64-bit)
Windows 7 (64-bit) Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.67 GHz or AMD Phenom II X2 545 @ 2.1 GHz or equivalent.
Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 @ 2.67 GHz or AMD Phenom II X2 545 @ 2.1 GHz or equivalent. Memory: 1 GB RAM
1 GB RAM Video: NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GS / ATI Radeon HD 4850 or better