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Ranorex is a Windows GUI test and automation Library for C++, Python and for all .Net languages.
Websites and applications can be automated using a Python script or a .NET program. All new Visual Studio 2005 controls are supported and can be automated.
Ranorex supports the following functionalities:
· Searching for a window or GUI application by title or class name
· Manipulating, moving and resizing of windows
· Searching of controls in a window or GUI application
· Simulating keystrokes, mouse movements and clicks
· Using of menus, context menus, toolbars, toolstrips and statusbars
· Automating windows GUI controls and all its elements









Ranorex 1.2.0 Activation Download [Mac/Win]

Ranorex Serial Key ( is a C++ software development tool with a focus on test automation. The tool is aiming at the Development of windows Applications. By using web based technologies (HTML, ASP) and native.NET controls (Windows Forms, Windows AJAX and WPF) you can create visually appealing products using Ranorex Crack Free Download.

Search Windows using Combination of Title and Class Name and Text
Manipulate Windows and their Controls
Automate using Menus, Context Menus, Toolbars and Statusbars
Actions like clicking on controls, moving around controls, resizing windows, etc.
Introduction to Ranorex:



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Ranorex 1.2.0 Activation X64

Ranorex is a multi-platform C++, Python and.Net runtime engine for automated GUI software testing, maintenance and patching.
Ranorex can detect and identify all windows, windows elements and objects in any application. It can simulate user actions, search for controls and enter or exit all windows within a GUI application.
In addition, Ranorex has a GUI design interface, with which any visual element can be easily inserted into a test. This includes gadgets, buttons, auto-propties and all kinds of widgets and controls. All objects can be dragged, resized and moved around in a window.
Ranorex is based on the Qt 3.x framework, which means that the library has support for all latest features in Qt 3.x, and runs on all platforms with the latest version of Qt 3.x installed. Qt4 is also supported, but at the moment only Windows and Linux are supported with Ranorex.
· Supports all.Net languages
· Automates every tested visual element
· Supports every Visual Studio 2005 Control
· Runs on all platforms: Windows, Linux and Mac OS X
· Runs on Python 2.x and Python 3.x
· Runs on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux
· Supports multiple monitors, on Mac OS X
· Provides test data to.NET,.NET language and Python programs
· Test data can be created by GUI design interface
· Runs on every tested software module
· Supports all.Net languages and Python 2.x and 3.x
· Supports all Visual Studio 2005 Controls

Version 3.0
– Python 2.7 support (1 of 1)

Version 3.0
– Python 2.7 support (1 of 1)

Version 3.0
– Windows support (1 of 1)

Version 3.0
– Windows support (1 of 1)

Version 3.0
– More than 1,000,000 downloads since December 15, 2008

Version 2.2.0
– Qt3 support
– Windows and Linux (.NET) Support
– Added support for rename functions
– Made possible to run test on more than one monitor
– Start playing a file when test starts
– Support for custom python interpreters

Version 2.2.0
– Qt3 support
– Windows and Linux (.NET) Support
– Added support for rename functions
– Made possible to run test on

Ranorex 1.2.0 With License Key Free

Ranorex is an advanced automation solution for Windows GUI applications. It provides a powerful framework to automate user interfaces of Windows applications to automate regression testing for these
applications and to automate functional testing as well.
· Automation of windows GUI controls and all its elements
· Automation of any state (text, button, image, listbox, combobox,…..)
· Automation of menu, toolbars, statusbars, toolstrips and context menus
· Using of windows
· Moving and resizing of windows
· Searching for a window or GUI application
· Running a basic python script or a.NET program (Unicode compatible)
· Assign any keyboard key, mouse button, mouse position or process id to automation element
· Searching for a windows application by title or class name
· Automating a windows GUI application by sending simulated mouse, keyboard, menu and button clicks
· Using a Python script or a.NET program to perform actions
· Running a basic Python script or a.NET program that use functions or methods
· Searching windows form controls in Windows GUI application
· Automation of windows using “windowless automation” (non GUI automation)
· Automation of windows and GUI components using Automation.NET
· Automating complete windows (GUI and non GUI) applications that uses Automation.NET
· Testing of windows form controls of an application that uses.NET Framework
· Using Automation.NET Framework
· Using Automation.NET Framework with Visual Studio
· Integrating with other Visual Studio components such as Snippet Designer
· Integrating with Visual Studio development tools such as C++
· Integrating with application development tools such as C++
· Integrating with.NET development tools such as C#
· Integrating with Python
· Integrating with VB 6
· Integration with C# languages such as VB
· Integrating with Java
· Integrating with Jscript
· Integrating with ASP.NET
· Integrating with all.NET Framework languages such as VB.NET and C#
· Integrating with C++ for automation for the.NET framework
· Integration with Python for automation for the.NET framework
· Using for file watchers (watcher)
· Using for Serial Port
· Using for Web automation
· Using for Zip Files
· Using for MS Access automation
· Using for MS Excel automation
· Using for MS Power

What’s New In?

Ranorex allows you to check a web application or other application by automating your tests with your favorite scripting language
or test management tool.
Ranorex Features:
Automation of the following Windows GUI Application Controls:
· File Open
· File Save
· Open Dialog
· Type Dialog
· Print Dialog
· Change Password Dialog
· Button and Menu items
Controls of Form Dialogs:
· Date Picker
· Combo Box
· Check Box
· List Box
· Radio Button
· Group Box
· Label
· TextBox
· Grid Box

Export Article to PDF formats.
Generate Javadoc from your code.
Catch exceptions in your code and fill them in your log.
Generate automatic unit test from your code.
Automate deployment of your web application with SSIS.
Produce a heap dump and perform a memory analysis with JVisualVM.
Automate testing with the SOAP UI and generate a report.
Use automated functional testing with SOAP Test Steps and generate a report.
Create and generate reports in XML, HTML and PDF.
Edit the RTF file, add your comments.
Automate your automated testing with Load TestSteps.
Generate a list of all tests in your project
Generate a roadmap to find all bugs in your code.
Export a entire test set to XML.
Generate XSL for a whole set of Test Sets.
Generate the XHTML and HTML for a table.
Export a generated report for a test set.
Generate test result for a test set.
Generate a list of all pages of your project.
Generate a Visual Guide.
Generate a Sitemap for your project.
Export a plan for the test set.
Generate a test list for a test set.
Ranorex/Azure test report template
XML format:
Automation Library Test Report Description:
Test Report created with Ranorex for Java Scripting and MicrosoftVisual Studio Automation Studio.
Include details of your:
– test cases,
– test cases execution,
– errors and failures,
– passing and success,
– exceptions encountered,
– steps in test plan,
– screenshots,
– comments,
– TODOs and
– plans for your Test suite.
The created report will be easy to reproduce and can be read by anyone in

System Requirements For Ranorex:

• Windows 7 or above
• Internet Explorer 9 or above
• 1 GHz or higher CPU
• 512 MB of RAM or more (Recommended 1 GB)
• 128 MB of free disk space
• Supported systems: Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Kindle, BlackBerry, Palm
• Supported web browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari
• Supported format:.doc,.pdf,.txt,.rtf
• Supported languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese