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Many adolescents with generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) do not respond to treatment. We examined moderators and predictors of the treatment response to cognitive behavioral therapy for GAD. Subjects were 185 adolescents (aged 13-18 years), 89% of whom (N = 160) responded. Study variables were demographics, anxiety levels, executive functioning skills, general functioning, and education. A total of 127 moderate to large effect size (d > 0.8) associations were found. Parental warmness and school functioning were significant predictors of response to cognitive behavioral therapy. Importantly, education, a well-documented moderator variable, was not significant. and just looking at (3)-(5), the strategy (3) is clearly the best. In both (1) and (2), $\{\xi_{t}\}$ is not adapted to $\{b_{t}\}$, while (4)-(5) are adapted to $\{b_{t}\}$. Consequently, in this case, we have the best convergence rate in terms of the modulus of continuity. Therefore, in this situation, the best convergence rate is the one which is given by (3).


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