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PlanetaMessenger (Pm) is a clean and easy to use open source, cross platform, instant messenger with the ability to add plugins and profiles. Pm was designed to be a serious replacement for ICQ for the average user. Pm was designed to be configurable and extensible through the use of plugins to allow the user the ability to configure and tweak their experience to their liking. Pm is a multi-protocol instant messenger that supports all of the major protocols (AIM,Gtalk, Jabber, ICQ,MSN).

Aspects of Pm that have set it apart from other instant messengers are:

* User friend list: in addition to having a complete user list that appears alongside the chat window, PlanetaMessenger allows you to create your own user list containing the contacts that interest you.
* Customizable look and feel: allows you to add a custom titlebar, enable or disable items in the chat window, show/hide status messages, menu options and much more.
* Can run as a server or client: allows you to run Pm as a pure instant messenger or as a proxy for other instant messengers
* Can run on a LAN or through the internet: allows you to run it on a LAN through port forwarding or on the internet through HTTP,SOCKS5,XMPP,IPv6 or SSH tunnels.
* Configurable DNS with hostmapping: allows you to map your computer to a custom server and serve as a DNS server for your LAN or internet.
* Powerful plugin engine: allows you to add plugins, customize profiles, configure Pm, modify window/plugins behavior and add new profiles.
* Configurable database: PlanetaMessenger uses SQLite as its database system. This allows you to store your user lists, chat logs, contact lists and presence information. The database can be created, stored and restored through the use of a single SQLite script.
* Can be used on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and Solaris. PlanetaMessenger runs on Linux with GTK and EMACS, and has been ported to X11.

PlanetaMessenger lets you use more than one account at a time, and allows you to use other instant messengers with your PlanetaMessenger client.

This is an example of the plugin engine in PlanetaMessenger:

Plugin Engine
PlanetaMessenger uses a plugin system where plugins can be added

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PlanetaMessenger Crack Activation Key PC/Windows is a ‘Push’ Instant Messenger which means the message will be sent to you when you are online and someone has just sent a message to you through your messenger network.
You can choose how to be notified about the messages of your contact:
– You can choose to be notified when your contacts are online.
– You can choose to be notified only when someone is offline.
– You can choose to be notified when someone sends you a message and you are offline.
How to use:
– Start the application
– Click on the ‘Online’ Button and a list of all contacts will appear
– Click on the contact you want to be notified of the message and a balloon appears with the message.
– If you want to open your contact list click on the small arrow
– To quit click on the ‘X’

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What’s New in the PlanetaMessenger? is an Instant Messenger with support to all well known instant messenger networks including ICQ,MSN,AIM,Yahoo! and Jabber through a powerfull plugin engine.

Features: support multiples look and feels, plugins and profiles and is designed so anyone can use it regardless of their level of IT knowledge.

Other than that the Team is working on a free BVN service (BVN – Virtual Name) for everyone.

q. Are you a plugin developer?A. Yes. We are designing the Plugin API and a plugin-builder. Right now we are building a simple plugin API that developers can use to make their own plugins.

q. Do you plan to support other languages?A. Yes. One of the first steps of our future roadmap is to support more languages. The new plugin API will be the first step in this direction.

q. How can I contribute?A. For more details, please visit the wiki.

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Version History:

v1.0 – Released 21/5/2008
v1.0.1 – Added a Status Bar for more detail status of download progress
v1.0.2 – Added an ‘All’ button in the Main menu for quick launch
v1.0.3 – Fixed many bugs
v1.0.4 – Add a manual download option
v1.1 – Allow downloading files from ‘with download options’
v1.2 – Support batch download
v1.3 – Add support of HTTP search
v1.3.1 – Add support of HTTP download.
v1.3.2 – Add support of HTTP(S) proxy
v1.3.3 – Add a download manager’s info
v1.4 – Add support of “Anti-Spyware” or “Anti-Rootkit”
v1.4.1 – Add a download manager’s info
v1.4.2 – Fix a bug, when an installation failed
v1.4.3 – Add support of HTTP(S) proxy
v1.4.4 – Support FTP over SSL
v1.4.5 – Fix a bug
v1.5 – Add a confirmation dialog to protect privacy

System Requirements For PlanetaMessenger:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Dual core 2.5 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM (4 GB recommended)
Hard Disk: 30 GB available space
Graphics: 64 MB video card with OpenGL 1.4 or higher
Processor: Dual core 3.0 GHz or equivalent
Memory: 4 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
Hard Disk