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Moving or copying files to and from a mobile phone and a PC used to be a rather tricky job not too many years back, but with the advances of technology things got simpler by the day. For this reason, many dedicated applications that are able to connect the devices and facilitate the data transfer between the two parties have been developed.
Among these utilities you can come across a freebie that stood the test of time and which goes by the name of OBEX Commander. It features a nice and simple interface, with a set of basic commands that will get you started in no time.
The program supports quite a few types of connectivity, so it's pretty hard to find a device that is not compatible with it. To be more precise, you can hook up a phone to the PC this app is running through an infrared connection, via 4 types of Bluetooth connections (Microsoft, WIDCOMM, Toshiba or BlueSoleil), through an USB or a Serial port connection as well.
Inside the main window of OBEX Commander you can use a two-pane explorer, with one area for browsing the local files and another one for the remote device. The navigation commands are very simple and consist of Back, Forward, New Folder and Up a directory buttons, as well as one for choosing the viewing mode for the files shown in the browser tabs.
A great thing about this tool is that it supports multiple instances so, at least in theory, you should be able to manage several devices connected to the same computer. For those interested in tinkering with more advanced functions, it is possible to set manually the maximum packet sizes for the data transferred through infrared, Bluetooth or USB connections from the 'Settings' menu.
Easy to use and with a nice, even though minimalistic set of features, OBEX Commander may be the tool of choice for all users who need just a quick and effective software for carrying out file transfers.


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OBEX Commander Crack+ For PC

OBEX Commander was created to facilitate the file transfer from a mobile phone to a PC and vice-versa using infrared, USB, Serial ports and Bluetooth connections.
– Supports a wide range of devices connected to the computer via infrared, USB, Serial or Bluetooth connections.
– Allows to connect phone or phone with Web enabled mobile internet browser.
– Allows to connect the phone via IR, USB, Bluetooth or Serial port.
– Allows to share folders in the phone.
– Allows to synchronize mobile phone contacts with the PC.
– Allows to synchronize the photos, videos, SMS, MMS, Music, etc.
– Allows to send files using OBEX protocol.
– Allows to receive files using OBEX protocol.
– Allows to send fax from the PC to the phone.
– Allows to receive fax from the phone to the PC.
– Allows to send files from the PC to the phone.
– Allows to receive files from the phone to the PC.
– Allows to send files from the PC to the phone.
– Allows to receive files from the phone to the PC.
– Allows to send files from the phone to another phone.
– Allows to receive files from another phone to the PC.
– Allows to send files from the phone to an email account.
– Allows to receive files from an email account to the phone.
– Allows to send files from the phone to an FTP account.
– Allows to receive files from an FTP account to the phone.
– Allows to send files from the phone to an FTP account.
– Allows to receive files from an FTP account to the phone.
– Allows to send files from the phone to another phone.
– Allows to receive files from another phone to the PC.
– Allows to send files from another phone to the phone.
– Allows to receive files from another phone to the phone.
– Allows to transfer the desired files.
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OBEX Commander

OBEX Commander Full Crack is an application that can connect your mobile phone and your PC through infrared (IrDA), Bluetooth, USB or serial port cable.
As a handy device manager it lets you to set up and manage devices connected to your computer.
OBEX Commander Torrent Download is a free software that you can download and try for free from Softonic, Fileplanet, Direct download or Microsoft Store.
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Laurence Ng

System Administrator

Nov 27, 2013

Virtualization Deployments

Virtualization Deployments

Virtualization Deployments

At this point in time, developers are now considering and developing more solutions based on the introduction of virtualization. The good part of this development is that developers tend to extend virtualization capabilities to others so that they may also build solutions based on the same virtualization technology.

As such, this article will simply describe how to deploy applications in virtualization. I intend to list some of the common configurations, challenges faced by developers, and solutions to overcome the challenges.

Common Deployment Configurations

In the context of a mobile application, there are quite a number of possible deployment configurations. These deployment models include

Desktop deployment

Deployment within a local VM

Deployment within a cloud VM

Deployment within a container

Deployment within a remote VM

Deployment within a public cloud

Mobile-Focused Applications

For mobile applications, different scenarios and configurations can be considered. For example, the mobile application may be a simple application that does not need to do much of network interactions; or the application may be very complex and have a lot of network interactions with a cloud to support extra features or provide a rich experience; or the application may be a games application that needs to support multiple devices and other features.

Apps that require access to cloud services

For applications that require cloud services, different deployment models can be considered. The models can be categorized into the following scenarios and architecture.

Your application directly accesses the cloud.

You application only communicates with the cloud.

You application communicates with your application that accesses the cloud.

More Complex Deployment Models

The Deployment models discussed above can be extended to support the various needs

OBEX Commander Crack+ Free Download For Windows

OBEX Commander – a quick and easy free file manager designed for connecting mobile phones to PCs using Microsoft Windows.
OBEX is a very old and robust serial protocol standard implemented by nearly all manufacturers of mobile phones. The main tasks of OBEX are transferring files (which can be audio, video or text-only), receiving and sending SMS messages or a combination of both.
OBEX has evolved a lot during the last decade: 1. it’s a general standard that works even if the phone is not a smartphone 2. there are many implementations of OBEX technology from different vendors
What’s New
This release contains fixes for the following issues:- Bluetooth button action is not working correctly in some cases- Downloads did not always start after sending them- Radio Headlines SMS did not show all the downloaded messages- Radio schedules were always downloaded incorrectly- Single item search in the media list is not consistent- In some cases, the screen orientation is changed even after sending a message to the phone- The battery life calculations were wrong sometimes- There was a bug that caused the program to crash if it was started when no Bluetooth connection was found- Different bugs that could have led to program hangings when connecting to a laptop/desktop
Windows 98/2000/ME/XP
2000 Service Pack 5 and later
Newer Windows versions are not tested
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Mac OS 9
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What’s New In?

OBEX Commander is the ultimate file-transfer application. It is the most versatile file-transfer utility in the Windows programming library. When you need to transfer files between your PC and a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA), OBEX Commander makes the job simple and the process fast.
OBEX Commander supports wireless technology including Infrared, Bluetooth, and USB. It can share the files from any directory.
You can:
Transfer files from your PC to a mobile phone or PDA using infrared connection,
Transfer files from your PC to a mobile phone or PDA using Bluetooth connection,
Transfer files from your PC to a mobile phone or PDA using USB connection,
You can customize the packet size, packet count and port type for the USB port or Bluetooth connection,
OBEX Commander is a free program, with no adware or spyware, free registration or activation required, it is fully functional for 90 days from download without serial number activation or other limitations, OBEX Commander has no limit on file transfers, OBEX Commander will not change system registry settings or create backdoors in your PC, OBEX Commander will not transmit or install any virus on your computer, mobile phones, PDA and other device connected to your computer,
OBEX Commander is a free program, you can activate it by registering your product key, you can register your product key from within the program, or you can download the registration key directly from our website, do not download the software from any other site, if you encounter any problems with the registration process, contact us, we will find a solution, OBEX Commander is an easy file-transfer program.
Software Library:
Windows 2000, Windows 2000 Pro, Windows XP, Windows XP Pro, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Pro, Windows 7, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 8, Windows 8 Professional, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Home


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