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Bisschop is a Dutch patronymic surname meaning “son of Bishop”. Bisschop is a variant of the Dutch and Afrikaans common patronymic surname Biever. People with the surname include:

Bernard Bisschop (1668–1743), Dutch theologian and academic
Reinier Bisschop (1592–1662), Dutch minister in the Dutch Republic

See also
Bishop (surname)


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Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor, recently gave an interview in which he compared the increasing costs of health care with the cost of gasoline. “If you go to the pump, you know the price goes up,” he said. “So does the price of health care.”

The analogy is an apt one.

We’re all familiar with how gasoline prices change throughout the year—prices are low in January and they rise in March, April, and May. But what people don’t realize is that the prices of all goods and services—including health care—also fluctuate seasonally. For example, health care costs rise in the spring and fall. Why? Because there is an increase in the demand for healthcare services during the weather changes.

According to research conducted by, this is an important point to consider when you’re looking for ways to lower your health care expenses. Of course, demand also increases during the winter, when people are sicker and more susceptible to colds. Unfortunately, when you’re sick, you’re more likely to visit the doctor. So by simply getting sick, you’re more likely to rack up medical bills. These seasonal changes in health care cost could explain why, for example, healthcare costs begin to rise in the spring, and yet a study released earlier this year showed that insurers also made significant rate hikes in the spring and fall.

If you’re looking to save on health care costs, then make sure you’re considering the changing seasonal demand for health care. Most health care costs come from lab tests, which tend to be more

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A memory pool object holds the size, boundary and preallocation flag of memory chunks. You can insert or remove memory chunks from the memory pool.


Network traffic monitoring on CentOS 6

I need to setup CentOS 6 VM with network traffic monitoring.
I found lot of tutorials and even asked some of them in google groups. They are mentioning iptables and snort.
But all of them seem to be outdated.
Can you please point me to some of the current open source and free tools to get the network traffic sniffing purpose?
I am running CentOS 6.3


RackTables (sourceforge)

FreeBSD packetfilter (sourceforge)

You could just use tcpdump as well if you want to do the packet format visualisation by yourself, there is a web interface to tcpdump too. You can also use tcpflow for it.


Use iptables, iptables-save, iptables-restore, PacketFiltre, ntop, etc.

Bears, Bears, Bears! (A Bear of a different kind)

Several people have commented on this post and/or asked about it. So I thought I’d give a little of an update here. And a little of a disclaimer.

Long story short: I started working with the CIA at the end of August, and ended my last day at the end of September. So it’s been three months on the drawing board with the assignment.

The secret agent (that’s what I am) that I am working with has a couple of other tasks to complete before I can consider myself happy with the project (other than paying my rent). So, that’s the short version.

I am still encouraging the C.I.A. to do some work with the artist that created the artwork featured on the carousel. The artwork is simply amazing. So I am still doing my best to try and bring in some investment from the C.I.A.

People have been asking if I’ve been rewarded for my efforts, and the short answer is no, I


mempool++ is a set of classes that uses dynamic memory allocation for constant data.
Mempool headers can be created from the smallest memory pool to the largest one.

mempool++ Works Best For:

Ipv4 sockets


On Windows, the heap is not a reallocated section of space. To get the effect you want you need to look into the Heap Manager.
However, with the heap manager, you’ll need to open the heap manager (do this by right clicking in the process name in task manager and clicking “open file location”). Then look under the “heap” subfolder and right click on the.NET heap and choose “create child process”. Then you can close the “heap” window.
Note that this is a rather ugly workaround.
Note also that you can use AllocHGlobal(), LocalAlloc() and GlobalAlloc() to avoid having to manage your memory that you want to pool yourself.


Windows has a heap you can use.


Как получить название сайта и дату запуска игры в Unity?

Как получить название сайта и дату запуска игры в Unity?
Имя сайта должно быть приведено в string, а дата запуска игры – в long.
Заранее спасибо.
Вот мое программное решение:
using System;
using System.Collections;
using System.Collections.Generic;
using UnityEngine;

public class Directory : MonoBehaviour {

string targetDirectory = “C://test

What’s New In?


– Project home page:

– Sourceforge project page:

– Sourceforge tags:
mempoolpp libmempoolpp
– Sourceforge issues:

Copyright (C) 2010 Miguel Rodríguez
Copyright (C) 2004-2010 Morten Rasmussen



– It provides several classes to manage memory pools.

– Memory pools can be chained: reuse previously memory pools
without a new allocation.

– Memory pools can be cientified: just call poll_quantity(n)
and memory will be allocated as n times the size of
the pool.

This is particularly useful for audio or video buffers.

– Memory pools can be divided in by units: always
allocate memory for n/divisor

– Memory pools can be aligned to a given

Set al_alg=1 to use SIZE_MAX=8m alignment, or
set al_alg=2 to use SIZE_MAX=64k alignment.

– Memory pools can be created with a user-defined mutex:
call mempool_create_mutex(mutex);

– Memory pools can be created with a user-defined callback:
call mempool_create_callback(cb,…);

If cb is not NULL, it will be called each time memory pool
is returned.

cb will be called with the pool pointer, a user-defined
userdata pointer, and a pointer to the preallocated data.

Data is preallocated by calling mempool_data(pool,…)

– Memory pools can be created with a user-defined destroy method:
call mempool_create_destroy(pool, destroy,…);

System Requirements For Mempool :

Minimal hardware requirements:
Processor: 1 GHz dual core or faster
Graphics: DirectX 11 compatible graphics card
Hard Drive: 8 GB available space
Additional hardware requirements:
DVD Drive
Recommended hardware requirements:
Processor: 2 GHz dual core or faster
How To Install
Run the game setup.exe and install the game.
Please read the included read