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Just because you finished school a long time ago doesn’t mean you can’t learn new things. The computer proves to be especially useful in this regard, allowing you to self-train with the right software components. For instance, Memorize Words Flashcard System trains your visual memory into learning new words, and definitions, with aid from audio and video resources.
Can be used on the go
A cool thing about it is the possibility to use it on different types of operating systems, since it relies on Java Runtime Environment in order to function. With no installation required, it’s even possible to carry it around on a thumb drive, along with your lessons, so you can practice every time you use a computer.
Customization plays an important role here, but not in the sense of visual tweaking, but rather the possibility to decide what words are included in cards, deck organizing, and even tests. The main window is where all configuration are done, with a separate section to start tests, and see whether or not you can learn a thing or two.
Cards need to be manually created
You don’t necessarily have to target a specific subject, so you’re free to create multiple categories and include related cards in each. A new card doesn’t take a lot of setup time, nor effort. Requirement fields ask you to fill in word, pronunciation, meaning, with the possibility to include examples in the form of large definitions, or even pictures from your computer.
The only downside to the whole operation is that everything needs to be configured from scratch, because the application comes with no preset cards whatsoever. On the other hand, a proper configuration is sure to help you learn, with customizable tests which let you analyze words with example resources, and decide whether or not you learned it by showing the result.
On an ending note
In conclusion, Memorize Words Flashcard System is a powerful self-tutoring environment, which aims to work out your visual memory to help you learn new words, and specialized terms. Tests keep track of your performance so you can repeat until all words are learned. Sadly, a great deal of effort needs to be invested in card setup before you actually have something to test.







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Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned veteran, you don’t have to start from scratch when it comes to learning new vocabulary, you can now get a jumpstart by using Memorize Words Flashcard System, an easy to use, robust and versatile flashcard app designed with the goal of reducing the time and effort you spend studying vocabularies and get you up to speed in a short period of time.
Come quick and easy to study with this visual training tool that can be used on the go and create customized flashcards to learn new words, in any category you want it, on any topic at hand!
Get a head start on your vocabularies and boost your retention and recall with this completely customizable flashcard app that’s optimized for both Android and iOS.
Imagine this: You’ve just completed your first 100-level test and you’re still proud of yourself, you know the vocabularies inside out, almost! You spend countless hours studying, memorizing, and reviewing with the goal of getting 100% on your next test, isn’t that what you wanted?! But it’s not going to happen, while you’re spending all this time studying on your own, soon you’ll reach your limit of memorization and no amount of practice is going to make up for that. This is where Memorize Words Flashcard System comes in, it’s going to save you time and effort while, at the same time, ensuring you get a nice boost in vocabularies, through flashcard creation, with the goal of reaching your study goal in no time at all.
It’s a matter of just a click and you’re off, creating a customized flashcard from basic description of the words to the images, including examples and the pronunciation!
Remember all those times you spent hours and hours creating an elaborative vocabularies list to learn new words? Memorize Words Flashcard System will help you speed up the process while getting you a jumpstart!
You can create a vocabularies list for any topic at hand, and improve your vocabulary at your own pace, if you wish to. Use it while playing games, on the phone, on your tablet, and you’ll get such a boost in vocabularies, you won’t believe it!
Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie, Memorize Words Flashcard System will make your time studying productive and effective, allowing

Memorize Words Flashcard System Registration Code (Latest)

When it comes to memorizing new words, the concept is very simple: include flash cards in your lessons. With the help of an application called Memorize Words Flashcard System, you may benefit from this method, while your computer stores the words in place of a memory lane.
This software application aims to make the process of creating new flash cards and subsequently learning to recognize and recall them that much easier. There are a number of ways to create flash cards, and Memorize Words Flashcard System enables you to choose between making them manually or by importing new words from a text file.
Following an initial setup process, you will be allowed to choose a subject area in which you would like to learn new words. Once the flash cards for that category are set up, the program will serve as a tutor. Creating new flash cards is easy, as is remembering words you already know. The program uses a’stake-in the card’ method of learning. This method is presented over and over again until the memory is improved to the point where the word is learned.
Following your initial learning session, you are given the option to print your cards, and a second session can be set up to review what you have learned.
That is the most important difference between Memorize Words Flashcard System and a flash card memory aid. This program will actually help to retain your information, as it will be backed up each time you use it to create cards.
Memorize Words Flashcard System is a free program, though additional functionality can be purchased with additional features.

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Connect with the computer you choose, and perform the planned lessons.

Memorize Words Flashcard System Key features:

Introductory prices:

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Memorize Words Flashcard System is a visual flashcard program that aims to help people learn new vocabulary by self-teaching. It’s a good way to keep yourself constantly motivated and in check, regardless of how many time you’ve spent, or how far you’ve advanced in your studies. The application is ideal for the visual learner, with the chance to even test what you learned in the process. From trivia to obscure topics, Memorize Words Flashcard System has a vast library of subject matter in store, ready for you to study.

The application follows a basic approach, with a simple learning system that consists of: the introduction and the lessons. You select a category you’d like to learn, and then you create cards, representing a word or a phrase. After that, you’ll carry out a lesson, which consists of the creation and testing of the cards, which should lead to positive results.

Memorize Words Flashcard System Support and Documentation:

Memorize Words Flashcard System is available for a variety of software platforms, including Windows 8, Android, iOS, and even Mac OS. It does not ask for a phone or a computer, so it can be used on any one that can provide Java Runtime Environment.

On the upside, the application has a very well-written user manual, making it easy for new users to get the hang of it, and plan out their learning. It takes a step-by-step process to really get the best out of it, with a list of recommendations provided by the developer, which makes it easy for users to get more out of the app.

Memorize Words Flashcard System interface:

Memorize Words Flashcard System interface is extremely user-friendly, making it an ideal tool for those who are already familiar with self-study strategies. However, new users may find it too easy, making it less likely for them to employ such approaches.

No matter which operating system you use, you’ll have an in-built method for importing cards, which consists of clicking “Cards” in the main window. For Windows users, it’s under the form of a menu. Android, iOS

What’s New In?

Memorize Words Flashcard System is a cool software that was created to help you learn words for various fields in life.

Memorize Words Flashcard System Screenshots:

Memorize Words Flashcard System review by takinkamon

What is Memorize Words Flashcard System?

Memorize Words Flashcard System is a handy application that offers a lot of functionality in a very simple manner. It can help you learn hundreds of terms in all sorts of industries. Through this application, you’ll get to choose classes that best fit your needs. But, before you are able to make any classes, you’ll need to make a deck of flashcards.

Another reason why Memorize Words Flashcard System is your best bet is because you can easily make tests and learn to add up words to the learning list.

What can you expect from Memorize Words Flashcard System?

Within a few minutes of downloading Memorize Words Flashcard System, you will get access to quite a number of useful features. To start, you’ll be able to choose which subjects you want to teach. At this point, you’ll be able to select the subject, the area of expertise, and even the deck of flashcards.

For some users, it will be difficult to create a deck of flashcards. Within the application, you’ll be able to import a series of images that will be automatically used for your flashcards. You will be able to add notes and definitions. Basically, as you create a card, you’ll also be able to create a test.

Memorize Words Flashcard System also allows users to make customizable decks. This means that you can add a series of flashcards that will be related to one specific subject. This way, you’ll be able to learn the basics in relation to a specific category.

Most users will appreciate the fact that Memorize Words Flashcard System has an automatic component. Since this is a self-tutoring application, you’ll need to use your learning list to compare to the resources that are loaded with the application.

Memorize Words Flashcard System is a fully featured application that is extremely helpful. If you are looking to teach yourself a whole bunch of terms that relate to a certain industry, you should definitely check this application. With it, you’ll be able to learn new words related to a single field.

Memorize Words Flashcard System Video Tutorial:

Memorize Words

System Requirements:

NVIDIA GTX 660 or higher
Windows 7 or higher
Intel Core i5 2500K @ 4.0GHz
25 GB free hard disk space
DirectX 11 compatible video card
DirectX 12 compatible video card
1.8 GB available hard disk space
Mouse and keyboard
HDMI Cable
Power supply
How to install?
1. If you don’t have any of these tools already, download these
2. Download the zip