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MaxMax is an OS enhancement tool that brings back the Windows Vista Sidebar in Windows 7. This way, you can facilitate quick access to desktop shortcuts or gadgets when working with any application in full screen. The Windows Sidebar was removed from Windows 7 and subsequent versions.
Runs in the systray
The setup procedure is fast and doesn't require special attention. Although this isn't mentioned anywhere, the program gets integrated into the Windows autostart sequence until told otherwise.
Once launched, the utility automatically adds the Sidebar on the right part of the screen and creates an icon in the systray, where it silently runs and gives you fast access to its configuration settings. No balloon messages are displayed, so you can carry on with your regular PC activity without any interruptions.
Set margins to restrict maximized windows
It's possible to disable the sidebar without having to exit MaxMax, adjust the top, bottom, left and right margins for restricting maximized windows, select another monitor to apply options for (if your system supports multiple monitors), remove the application's entry from the system startup, as well as pick a different language for the interface.
Set a suppress key and exclude processes
Left Shift is the default key for temporarily disabling MaxMax (hold it down while maximizing a window), and it can be swapped for any other key from the ones listed in the panel. Lastly, the program is capable of excluding the windows of any specific applications if you write down their process name.
Evaluation and conclusion
No error dialogs popped up in our tests, and the tool didn't freeze or crash. As expected, it didn't hog system resources, using low CPU and RAM. However, we've noticed some display issues after adjusting two or more margins at a time and maximizing the windows.
To conclude, MaxMax provides a simple solution for emulating the Windows Vista Sidebar in Windows 7, backed by some handy customization properties.







MaxMax 1.12 Crack+ For Windows (April-2022)

…creates a new Windows Sidebar, and integrates it with the Windows interface so you can access desktop shortcuts and gadgets without having to maximize windows.

The installation package includes the main executable file that runs in the background without interfering with your regular Windows activity.

It works without any system dependencies, and the interface allows you to customize the sidebar settings to suit your needs.

After MaxMax is launched, a new sidebar is automatically added to the screen and shows desktop shortcuts and gadgets.

MaxMax integrates with Windows’ autostart process so it runs silently in the background. The program is also capable of automatically updating its settings and configuration.

The utility automatically adjusts itself to restrict maximized windows, and you can tweak its behavior and appearance.

The interface is built on an intuitive user experience, and the sidebar is stored in the side panel’s margin.

System Requirements:

The recommended system requirements are as follows:

Supported OS: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10

Processor: Dual Core or Higher

Memory: 1GB of free space

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MaxMax 1.12

Set margins for window-maximizing events.
Runs in the systray.
Suppress key for temporary window-maximizing.
Supply a custom key for triggering a window-maximizing event.
Easily launch the program with a single shortcut key.
Supply custom settings to enhance the interface in a variety of ways.
Outlook: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Publisher: Cracked MaxMax With Keygen Software
License: Free
File Size: 2 MB

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MaxMax 1.12 Free Download For Windows

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System requirements


An Advanced Sidebar module for Modern UI Windows

The name says it all. Not only does it bring back the Windows Sidebar, but it adds a few interesting things to the Windows modern UI, like customizing the window frame, quick links to system information and popular apps, among other changes.

Search for Windows Sidebar in the Windows store

You can find MaxMax in the Windows store. The tool itself costs $1.99, but the Sidebar addon is free.

Installing MaxMax

MaxMax runs silently in the background, although it remains accessible through the Windows icon tray, where you can access its options and configuration panel.

To access its options and configuration panel, right-click the MaxMax icon and select Settings from the context menu.

MaxMax’s configuration panel

MaxMax comes with a comprehensive set of options to configure its settings, including:

Language: select the language of the program

Suppress hotkeys: you can disable or set specific hotkeys

Customize window borders: you can decide whether you want to customize the window borders in MaxMax or not, and what the default border should look like

Select monitor: you can select the screen that displays the sidebar and other preferences

Sidebar location: you can decide whether you want to have the sidebar always visible or not, in which monitor it should appear, and if it should be displayed

Screenshot capture: you can select the photo to be used as the screenshot’s background

Screenshot capture options: you can disable the screenshot, use a fixed ratio for it, or choose between the maximum and minimum dimensions

Save application settings: you can save the app’s settings or keep them all

Save window border settings: you can save window borders, including the frame, background image, minimize, maximize and close buttons, and the checkbox to always display it

MaxMax’s configuration options

MaxMax’s configuration settings


Allows you to emulate the Windows Vista Sidebar in Windows 7.

Allows you to quickly and easily customize its configuration panel.

Allows you to add a link to popular apps, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Allows you to set specific hotkeys.

Allows you to modify the default window frames, including

What’s New In MaxMax?

Windows Sidebar copy.
Windows Sidebar imitates the functionality of the Windows Sidebar for Windows 7.
Quickly switch between applications, gadgets, and desktop icons, all in the same sidebar window.
Supports multiple monitors, sticky windows, and integrated into Windows’ autostart sequence.
Supports up to ten customizable settings: margins, language, and show/hide.
Can’t be uninstalled.
Fast, stable, and well-rounded.

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