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For example, if I type the following text:

It would get printed in the document as:

But if I type in this text with a punctuation character it gets treated as normal text and is printed as an “A” character (not bold).
How can I make this work so that words with special characters are treated as normal text?


I figured it out. It was as easy as adding unicode characters to the clipboard using the python API.
from ctypes import *
from ctypes.wintypes import *
from win32com.client import GetActiveObject
from win32api import *

class TextRange(Structure):
_fields_ = [(“lStartingOffset”, COORD),
(“lEndingOffset”, COORD),
(“dwParam”, DWORD)]


class AutoType(Structure):
_fields_ = [(“lpOleData”, LPOLEDATA),
(“lpEditData”, LPARAM),
(“lpClipData”, LPARAM),
(“lpszEditStrings”, LPWSTR)]

myAutoType = AutoType()
myAutoType.lpOleData = c_void_p(0)
myAutoType.lpEditData = 0
myAutoType.lpClipData = c_void_p(0)
myAutoType.lpszEditStrings = None

class EditWord(Structure):
_fields_ = [(“lpEditData”, LPPOINT),
(“lpStartEdit”, LPOLESTR),
(” http://in-loving-memory.online/?p=3008


Indeed this is the case, and this is the only good reason why you should pay attention to following publications (and others as well). I wish they’re all like this.
Well, I would love to read them, but I can’t. Why on earth can’t I read them? Do I have to be a college student? Do I have to be from U.S.? I’m from Poland, and I’m a college student. I teach English classes at a university. I should be able to read this, right?
Lovely music for lovely people and with a lovely mix. You nailed it! You seem to be a smart, knowledgeable person on music, so I’m not going to ask you for opinions.
I’m loving this…thank you! It’s amazing how different the 2 are…and also how similar. They don’t feel like a HD remake or anything, but rather an interesting remake of an older game. In my opinion this is a fantastic and fun looking game that you guys just set in your style that is perfect. Again, thank you, it’s amazing!
I love how you can customize the song and the arrangement and also the layout and colors and feel of your room. Also, I like how you added your dog into the picture.
I’m sorry! I have to post this comment! This is my favorite wallpaper of all time! You make it awesome and perfect. I didn’t expect it. Thank you so much! Now I’m going to live with that image! And I won’t forget this day!
Wow! This is absolutely stunning! I absolutely love it! I have no idea why it took so long to post it, but I’m glad I’m late. It’s AMAZING! I love the music! The colors are perfect! The music is…well, it’s amazing! Thank you for sharing it. It’s perfect.
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