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➤URL filters
✓ Filter all the visited sites.
✓Filter only the sites from a list
✓Customized Internet filtering
✓Blocking of URLs
✓Manage the URL list
✓More information from the server
✓Incomplete site blocking
✓Reverse blocking
✓Spam blocking
✓Anti virus protection
✓Anti scan protection
✓Spam protection
✓URL black list
✓URL white list
✓Customize the speed of website loading
✓Speed options
✓Configure Internet protection schedule
✓Manage the blocked websites
✓More Information from the server
✓White list
✓Never allowed the child to visit
✓Personal block
✓Block the access to specific websites
✓Block the access to specific files
✓Block the access to specific search engines
✓Block the access to specific mail program
✓Block the access to specific file types
✓Block the access to specific pop3
✓Block the access to specific smtp
✓Block the access to specific forum
✓Block the access to specific dns
✓Block the access to specific IRC
✓Block the access to specific newsgroups
✓Block the access to specific wikis
✓Block the access to specific files
✓Block the access to specific applications
✓Block the access to specific IP
✓Block the access to specific protocols
✓Block the access to specific services
✓Block the access to specific mail domains
✓Block the access to specific log files
✓Block the access to specific procmon files
✓Block the access to specific processes
✓Block the access to specific running process
✓Block the access to specific wmi
✓Block the access to specific event log
✓Block the access to specific log files
✓Block the access to specific deamon
✓Block the access to specific server
✓Block the access to specific hardware
✓Block the access to specific services
✓Block the access to specific cmd
✓Block the access to specific apps
✓Block the access to specific logins
✓Block the access to specific applications
✓Block the access to specific sites
✓Block the access to specific file extensions
✓Block the access to specific files

KidshieldUSA Crack

KidShieldUSA is a filtering software developed for Windows computers. It is free of charge and can be downloaded from the company website.
Possibilities to use the software:
■ It is an excellent tool for parents and teachers to control what their children read on the Internet.
■ It enables you to access the Internet without any violations.
■ KidShieldUSA is a useful tool for monitoring the Internet usage of both parents and children.
KidShieldUSA Price: Free

Concept “Censors-kill-kill-kill” (SKKK) is a software designed to control the Internet child.
SKKK is an easy-to-use software developed for Windows computers. It is free of charge and can be downloaded from the company website.
SKKK’s main advantage is in that it does not interfere with any settings and doesn’t require the work of the user. Each time your child goes to the Internet, SKKK is activated automatically and starts blocking the access to the ‘blacklisted’ sites.
SKKK will eliminate all sorts of dangers lurking online.
The program collects all those properties of the needed sites, that make them blacklisted, and presents them to the user in a well-organized way. Thus, SKKK will automatically block any given site at once.
SKKK has some common functions of the other Internet parental control systems. Such as: filtering of sites with pornographic content, sites with violence, sites popularizing drugs and other kinds of forbidden materials.
SKKK is able to filter the links of the sites you visit. You can choose the sites that you want to view or block for your child.
You can allow your child to visit the Internet only during certain hours, days or weekdays. You can check the sites on which your child has visited and received an email notification.
The program will deal with all that stuff in a simple way that any kid can perform it by himself.
■ Trial: 3 days
SKKK Description:
Child-protected software to prevent the internet and other children dangers.
The SKKK can block all websites including all social network, Google, YouTube, search engines, etc. and limit the access to the pages of the Internet, protecting kids from the dangerous of the Internet. It is the first software designed specifically to protect children from the dangers of the Internet.
What Features:
The software is a file-based program.

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The KidShieldUSA offers a perfect way for parental Internet protection. KidShieldUSA enables parents to block known Internet sites that they don’t want their children to view, preventing any immoral information from going through to the Internet browser.
Key features of the KidShieldUSA:
1. Web Filter Function
2. First-Time Setup
3. User-Friendly Interface
4. Easy to Use
5. 25 Languages Support
* 5 languages supported: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.
*Other languages available on the website.
KidshieldUSA Features:
– Ability to filter Internet child abuse via 3 different levels of filtering.
– Ability to block access to known Internet pages that are not allowed by the parental control software.
– Optimized for Internet Explorer.
– Supports all Internet Explorer versions.
– Supports all English languages.
– Works with all existing web pages and Internet browser.
– User-friendly interface.
– Internet Explorer is fully compatible with all features of KidShieldUSA.
– Very easy to set up.
– The software does not require any installation. Just download and run on your computer.
– Very small program size; small enough for all current versions of Windows.
– Powerful parental control tool.
– Advanced parental control functions.
– The filtering is not made with blacklist or blacklisting, but with whitelisting.
– Whitelisting is very effective for all known Internet pages.
– The program does not need Internet connection to work.
– Block Internet sites that have been banned by the program (personal favorite sites, etc.).
– Trace sites visited by the child.
– Limit the time spent on Internet by the child (3 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, etc.).
– Set time zones for the Internet Explorer.
– Set Internet Explorer to use only for certain days or during certain hours.
– Set Internet Explorer to use only with Internet access.
– Create log files with the visited sites.
– Filter Internet resources that are being used by the child.
– Filter Internet resources that can be used by the child.
– Clean traces of sites.
– Send log files by email.
– Supported Internet Explorer version:
– Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10.
– Oldest version supported.
– Instant Download.
– Optimized for Mac OS.
– Automatic Updates.
– Compatible with all current versions of Mac OS.
– Uninstalling.

What’s New In?

KidShieldUSA is filtering software designed to provide Internet child safety.
KidshieldUSA keeps track and checks the content of every web-page the child browses through in the Internet Explorer.
If the program finds some obscene content (characteristic of pornography, violence, religious sects, etc.), KidShieldUSA will immediately block viewing such pages.
KidShieldUSA is a whole software package that is integrated in Internet Explorer and consists of some controlling functions. Such as content filter, porn blocker, parental control, URL blocking, Internet access blocking.
Each of these functions forms an obstacle in the way of obscene information from the Internet. And before your child sees any page, it is checked by all those functions.
KidshieldUSA will satisfy all your requirements and wishes about Internet parental control.
You can easily configure the program for pornography blocking, blocking sites with violence scenes, filtering sites that popularizes drugs, to filter the gambling games, the questionable religious sects and other forbidden materials.
KidShieldUSA will filter the content of every visited and viewed pages. You can allow visiting sites only from the ‘White list’ and forbid sites from the ‘Black List’, allow Internet Explorer using only in certain days and hours, write in the special log file what sites your childs visited and receive this log by email.
For schools and educational organizations, the principle of the KidShieldUSA work has a prominent advantage over the usual way most of the similar software functions.
Most of such programs check only the URL of the requested page for being in the database of “indecent” addresses.
This way of filtering is not effective for there appear hundreds of new sites every minute. Unlike other programs, KidShieldUSA has functions that allow analyzing the page content itself. That is why even if your child comes across a newly appeared site with obscene content, KidShieldUSA will stop him from viewing this site anyway.
■ 15 days trial
Kidshieldusa Description:

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System Requirements For KidshieldUSA:

OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3, Windows Vista Service Pack 2, Windows 7 Service Pack 1, or Windows 8
Processor: Pentium II 400 MHz (386) or better
Memory: 1 MB RAM (Windows XP) or 2 MB RAM (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
Hard Drive: 250 MB free space on hard drive
Video Card: 128MB (Windows XP) or 256MB (Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
DirectX: DirectX 9.0c
DirectX: DirectX 11×600-free-registration-code/