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What’s New in the?

The following two programs show you how to write a CGI program in a modern, portable and efficient way. This library provides a perfect framework for your CGI programs.

FastCGI Integration
Below is a minimal example of how to use this library for a CGI+FastCGI.

Library Details
FastCGI :

This is the FastCGI related section
== The use of the FastCGI.h
The FastCGI.h (C++ based FastCGI/CGI library for C++/CGI) is a CGI/FastCGI library.
The library can be used with any programming language that supports either CGI/FastCGI.
The library allows you to quickly and easily write very fast CGI/FastCGI programs.

The FastCGI library is designed to make developing CGI/FastCGI programs easy and fun.
It provides a very simple API that is based on standard C++.

The library supports all the features of FastCGI, as well as a few extra features of its own.
The following list shows the feature that are supported by the library:

* Everything you need to know about the FastCGI specification.
* The first two sections of the spec that deal with HTTP headers.
* The SimpleRequest/Response structure that is in the spec.
* The various flags that are available to a process.
* The Vary header.
* The PATH_INFO and QUERY_STRING structures.
* URI Encoding and Decoding.
* Mail headers like Reply-To, Return-Path, etc.
* RFC2046-style headers like ‘Cookie’ and ‘Set-Cookie’.
* No need to support true variable-length header fields.
* Support for cookies.
* Support for content-length header fields.
* Support for NTLM authentication.
* Support for a graceful shutdown.

The library allows to write CGI/FastCGI in any language (such as C++, Perl, Java, Python, etc.).
It supports simple CGI programs that require little work, and it also supports the most advanced CGI and FastCGI applications.

The FastCGI.h (C++ based FastCGI/CGI library for C++/CGI) is open source.
The source code for the FastCGI library is included with a GCC-compatible compiler on the website.


The following are the main classes in the library:

* FastCGI::Application
* FastCGI::Context
* FastCGI::Socket
* Fast

System Requirements For FastCGI CGI C :

Windows Vista 64-bit / 7 64-bit / 8 64-bit / 10 64-bit / 2008 64-bit
Mac OSX 10.6 or later
The following games will be included in the release:
Clustertruck is a 2D multiplayer arcade game with up to 4 players on each team trying to work together to get their truck to the flag as fast as possible.
Download Clustertruck from here.
Bumper Ball
Bumper Ball is a bumper car-