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The Fandango Movie Times Sidebar gadget allows you to choose the film you want to see, and the city you want to go to, and it will tell you the movie times for that selection.A Special Memorial Service will be held on the evening of Friday 15th March in the Church of St Mary Magdalene, Boughton-under-Blean, to celebrate the life of Mr & Mrs Milward and their family.

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Scum of the Earth is a 1998 American comedy-drama film written and directed by Peter Machoian and starring John Cusack, Faye Dunaway, Saffron Burrows, Matt Damon, and Michael-Leon Wooley. The film is based on the 1994 novel Scum of the Earth by Ray McKinnon.

Malcolm Walters, a construction worker in Los Angeles, is fired from his job after his boss discovers he has HIV. After his unemployment benefits run out, Malcolm rents an apartment and applies for a job as a janitor in a rundown Malibu hotel. The hotel owner, who owns a pawnshop, hires Malcolm to work there, along with a former actor who is his great-granddaughter.

While living in the dilapidated hotel, Malcolm earns a living by coaching local high school baseball teams to victory, and attempting to make amends for his past, especially for firing Saffron Burrows, a boxer and sometime actor.

John Cusack as Malcolm Walters
Faye Dunaway as Saffron Burrows
Matt Damon as Joey Summers
Michael-Leon Wooley as Joe Vanni
Glenn Fleshler as Neil Stern
Kevin Cor

Fandango Movie Times With License Code

The Fandango Movie Times sidebar gadget allows you to quickly find movie times for your location.
Key features include:
– Showing times in the movies that are playing now and across the country
– Option to sort movies by theater or movie name
– Search a zip code or city
– Click once to check out Fandango’s website for showtimes in your area
– Click again to launch the full website with showtimes
– Click again to close the sidebar
– Advanced options including date, showtime and market.
Fandango movie times will be added and removed from the sidebar as they become available. will also be added and removed.
Fandango Movie Times FAQ:
Q: When will the movie times show up?
A: Fandango movie times will start showing up on the sidebar within the next couple of weeks.
Q: Why are the movie times different from what Fandango shows?
A: Fandango is adding movies to the system as they become available. By the time the movies are finished being added, the movie times will be accurate.
Q: I selected the option to be updated automatically. How often will the movie times be checked?
A: The movie times will be updated hourly.
Q: How will I know if the movie times are accurate?
A: By clicking the title of the movie you’re showing and the movie will be selected on Fandango’s website.
Q: Can I change the date?
A: The date can be changed in the gadget’s settings.
Q: Why don’t my movie times match Fandango’s website?
A: If you click the check out fandango’s website, the movie times on Fandango’s website will be updated.
Visit and search your city or zip code for showtimes.
Q: How do I disable the sidebar?
A: Go to the gadget’s settings and uncheck the box labeled “Enable Sidebar”.
Fandango Movie Times – Default Settings:
(Warning: this is a very large graphic file)
Q: Why are the movie times different from what Fandango shows?
A: Fandango is adding movies to the system as they become available. By the time the movies are finished being added, the movie times will be accurate.
Q: I selected the option

Fandango Movie Times With License Key

This is a small tool that will allow you to find movie times in your location. It does this by utilizing a search engine to search through a variety of online data and databases such as:

Yahoo Movie Times


Google Movie Times Movie Times

All of the movie times for the selected show will then be displayed in an easy to use format.

Notice: The Fandango Movie Times are generated by a third party and Fandango has no influence on the content of the movie times.

You can install Fandango Movie Times as a separate gadget or as a widget on your site. In either case the installation is very simple and you can manage the gadget through the widget’s control panel located at

This site uses the content of movies/time/index.php and gives you access to approximately 2000 time listings.

Movie Time Funhouse!

Please enjoy this small collection of movie times from around the web.

What our Customers Say about Fandango Movie Times:

The Fandango movie times were easy to use and fast to get results.

– William, USA

I love how cool this is. You know that you’ve got the best geek on the net, or at least your favorite movie reviewer when the Fandango movie times show up in your computer.

– Raymond, USA

Useful and friendly tool to have!

– Trevor, USA

Great tool when you’re on the move!

– Caroline, USA

I think that they are a cool gadget. I like how I can configure it to search from several different databases.

– Scott, USA

I have used these a few times and they are handy.

– Mike, USA

Cool, efficient, easy to use.

– Ben, USA

I have been using the Fandango movie times since they first came out. I am really pleased with the search capabilities, and how quickly they return results.

– Steve, Canada

The best movie times to have around for quick movies and midnight films!

– Paul, UK

This is by far the best gadget I have used for movie times.

– Robert, USA

You can use this gadget a whole lot

What’s New In Fandango Movie Times?

Fandango Movie Times helps you find movie times for your favorite theaters in your location. You can sort results by most popular, alphabetically, or by distance to your location. You can filter results to show only theaters in your area, only theaters near me, or only movie times in the next hour.
The Fandango Movie Times gadget is essentially a small application that will run in your browser while you are browsing.

You can download the Fandango Movie Times widget to embed on your web page by using the widget code included below the gadget.
To learn more about this gadget, or to view the documentation, please click here.

Fandango Movie Times Code:

Fandango Movie Times by John McFarland
John McFarland
(Please contact John for help if you need help configuring the code)
You may play the movie preview video by clicking here (18 seconds) or by clicking on the play button below.
You may download the code to embed the Fandango Movie Times gadget by clicking on the download link below.
You may also download the widget source code below to embed the widget on your web page by using the code included below the widget.
Fandango Movie Times Copyright (c) 2005-2009, john MCFARLAND.
All rights reserved.
For the first time, see the Fandango Movie Times widget on a commercial web site:
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The Fandango Movie Times widget is a free service of Fandango LLC.
Fandango is a registered trademark of Fandango LLC.
Privacy policy:
Terms of use:

Fandango Movie Times Widget

This is a widget (or mini-gadget) that
will allow you to easily display movie times for your local
cinemas in
several different ways. You can set your location from the widget, so
you can see a list of movies playing in your area or find the closest
movie playing near you. You can even play a movie preview (video) by
clicking on the movie name.

Fandango Movie Times

The Fandango Movie Times widget does NOT require any special

System Requirements For Fandango Movie Times:

Supported OS: OSX 10.4.11 or later
CPU: Core Duo or equivalent
Hard Disk Space: 300 MB
How To Install:
First, you need to prepare your installation disk or download the installer file from the link below.
You can also go to Apple Menu → Software Update to download and install the latest version.
What’s New
For CS2: