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Please keep it secret as we do not want to mess up the game.
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Please keep it secret as we do not want to mess up the game.
This is a crack. Driver San Francisco is a driving game developed by Ubisoft. It was released in 2011 for PC, PlayStation 3, and Wii. It is the fifth game in the Driver series. The game is set in.
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Please keep it secret as we do not want to mess up the game.
Mar 16, 2020
The game was released in March 11, 2011. The game is set in San Francisco, CA. San Francisco Police Department is based on its San Francisco Police Department. One of the missions is to.





The game features a multiplayer option that can be played online with up to 16 players, allowing the player to take full advantage of their vehicle’s ability to speed and maneuver through complex traffic. The game is also cross platform compatible allowing the player to play online with other players that own the PC or Mac version of the game.

Development and release

The game was developed by Ubisoft Montreal. The game was released on the Microsoft Windows platform on March 11, 2011 for retail in North America and on March 14, 2011 for the Uplay platform in Europe. It was released as a limited Collector’s Edition with a rare copy of the game, a signed photo of the creators, and other items in the game. A total of 6,000 Collector’s Edition copies were made.

Ubisoft previously announced a PlayStation 3 version of the game, but it was cancelled as the company was focusing on other titles at the time. The game would have been released for the Xbox 360 on May 24, 2011. However, the game was cancelled on May 24, 2011. It was originally scheduled to be released during the end of May, 2011.


Driver: San Francisco received mixed reviews from critics. The game holds an average score of 61/100 at Metacritic.IGN gave it a score of 7.1/10 commenting that “Ubisoft Montreal has taken the core concept of the franchise and injected it with a few new twists that make this installment feel fresh and exciting.” The game holds a score of 60/100 at GameSpot giving it a similar score. Game Informer rated the game with an 8.0/10


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Developer: Harmonix (parent company of Rockstar Games), publisher: Electronic Arts; game created on the Unreal Engine 3.
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