Our extensive research into materials to make our Grain by Senso collection lead us to adding a proprietary lightweight composite to our Fusion collection which gives the floor it’s distinctive ‘peppered’ and ‘weathered’ look. After instillation, this aggregate is exposed by polishing which gives the texture and character to our floor of a polished concrete, whilst being a super durable, yet flexible system.  

Grain Off White

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Grain Dune

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Grain Sunrise

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Grain Bronze

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Grain Concrete

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Grain Zinc

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Grain Ace Grey

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Grain Dolomite

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Grain Crescent Moon

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Natural Seamless Floor

Like any other Sensofloor, Grain is based on natural biopolymers. It offers an environmentally friendly alternative to industrial resins. Moreover, because of the natural comfort is offers it is soft to the touch, sound dampening and can be applied completely seamlessly in most situations, without risk of cracking.

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