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Coercion is a simple arcade game. You hit the computer and it responds with a response that will either coerce you or not. The response gives you a chance to hit back, which will cause you to move to a new position on the screen.
But you can’t get anywhere if you don’t have a picture. You need one, which you’ll take from a game that does not use a picture…all you can take is a small piece of solid color. (To prevent obvious hacking.)
Easy, isn’t it?
Well, not quite. You may have a few problems:
■ Sometimes I’ll hit a program that’s not nearly big enough. You can fix that by enabling virtual memory in the SDL GUI. If it’s not enabled, you’ll get an error about “not enough video memory”.
■ There is no sound. This is intentional.
■ And the program has some bugs that make it hang. (Work in progress.)
What you’ll need:
■ A computer with a reasonably modern graphics card and 3D driver. (Anything that supports OpenGL and DirectX is at least fine.)
■ A camera that can capture xwd dumps. (The best way is to use a USB webcam, if possible.)
■ A free copy of Windows, Linux, or OS X, or your favorite distro. (Everything I’ve tested has worked.)
■ SDL and ImageMagick (image conversion software).
The Game:
The game is based around a bunch of squares. You’ll see the squares, but they’ll be shades of gray.
On the right side of the screen, there is a grid of numbers. The goal of the game is to fill the grid with the squares. There are 25 lines, numbered from 1 to 25. The first number is always a reference to a particular line. Lines numbered 1 to 5 are on the bottom of the grid. The others are drawn as the line number increases.
Each line is a row, and each row represents a response to a particular response you get from the computer. There are 50 lines total. Each of those are divided into 5 parts, each of which is a different response. Those parts make up the 25 squares.
If you’ve managed to get the entire grid, you win. The game ends after 15 minutes.
The Program:
The program is quite

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• Disable all windows, so your screen is free to vibrate• Set the key you want to click• Set the duration in seconds• Set the intensity• Toggle between vibrate and shake effects• Toggle between shake and beat effects• Toggle between screen shake and screen beat• Toggle between Screen Shake and Screen Beat

Is it bad to be in
sleep mode and still use this?

No. It’s not bad to be in sleep mode and still use it. It’s more likely to be bad if you’re in sleep mode and do something else.

It doesn’t seem to be working… What can I do?

Before you hit the space bar, please check to make sure that your video driver is actually capable of acceleration. Does it say “software” in the box under acceleration? The screen shaking will NOT work if it says “software”. There are instructions on how to make sure your video driver is accelerated here.

Why did it stop?

I haven’t tracked down the problem, but there was a kernel update this morning that could have led to a possible discontinuity with your video driver. I can only speculate as to why this problem would stop working but, at a minimum, please report any problems you have.

I changed the device, but the only change was that my wacom tablet went from working to not working. Is it safe to run the game again?

This is unlikely to cause any problem. It’s likely you have a bad configuration with the tablet and that it just isn’t getting recognized. There may be a configuration for it in your keyboard settings, but I don’t know where. Try looking through the configs in the text files of /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d for a file named wacom.conf. Alternatively, try a different tablet.

Is it safe to set the video driver from “Software” to “Hardware”?

I don’t think so.

Is it safe to change “Software” to “Hardware” or to “None” or “Automatic”?

Doing so is your own risk. I think it’s a good idea to set “None” and “Automatic” so that it automatically switches between software and hardware acceleration. It’s not like there’s a script in the game that says “You should run in hardware because the video driver says so” so this is just for your own

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Given a crash, shake, or camera-video overlay, it will make the screen start bouncing like crazy until your application crashes or closes. You can also define custom screen shaking and camera-overlay motion profiles to use over and over, or just load from text files or URLs.
I intend this software to be super handy for people with broken monitors. If you’re a gamer who wants a fast way to ruin your monitor with your video card, this is your tool.
Screen shaking can be used to great effect on non-visual stress inducing tasks. Maybe you need to organize your desk or make a diagram of a project. If the screen is shaking too fast, you’ll be able to draw just fine.
It’s also great for, erm, learning to hold up your monitor, when you’re holding a hammer in your other hand.
Video integration:
The screen shaking is a standard OpenGL effect, and requires no hardware acceleration whatsoever. If you don’t have a 3D card, you’ll only get screen shaking.
To take a screenshot, simply go to Window > Save Screenshot and select a directory to save to. I provide basic overlays for the edge, top, and bottom of the screen. With default profiles, you can easily make your own as well. You can also find xwd files on the internet to import directly.
Screenshots are saved in JPEGs.
This project is licensed under the GPL v2.0, so you’re free to use the binaries however you like. However, the source code is provided under the MIT license, so you’re free to take the source and do whatever you want with it.
It is trivial to modify the source and recompile the binaries. If you do, please notify me.
If you want to find out more, you can find the source on GitHub:

Also, you can find the software at
If you have questions, please feel free to ask.


TLDR: You can use GKSleep in your X11 session to generate these images. Then make a.gif of the images to show people.
A long answer:

What’s New In?

■ Provides the ability to perform all sorts of astonishing feats to your Windows Computer.
■ These effects, demonstrated on a very special system which shall remain nameless, include screen shaking, jagged edges, pixel art, a bouncing, nauseating effect, and of course a satisfying whump.
■ This application uses standard screen technology and does not require any actual, physical input from the user.
■ It will not harm your computer. Some simulations may cause noticeable strain to your eyes, and can be turned off with an option.
■ It is not anti-virus software. I don’t have the resources to make sure the program doesn’t actually do anything nasty, and I can’t guarantee that it won’t slow your computer. If you’re concerned about security, skip it.
■ You can almost always press the menu button to display the application options screen. If you don’t find your effect there, it probably doesn’t work.
■ You should see more than one effect in the menu after starting the program for the first time. More effects can be found in the toolkit.
■ This program is not intended for use in anti-piracy protection. It is not an anti-virus program, and does not have the resources to verify that your system is not being used for illegal purposes. While the effects of this program are impressive, they’re also typically quite subtle and may not be noticed by users who aren’t looking for it.
Computer Coercion Tool Tips:
■ The effects are really powerful when your computer is under extreme stress. The screen shaking effect is particularly impressive.
■ Some users report that the effects of the program can be controlled with a setting in the options.
■ If your computer is unable to display the ‘effects’ screen for any reason, try pressing the menu button.

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Computer Coercion Tool Screenshot:

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Video Audio and Audio Image:

Morphed video and audio, 1D audio, 1D image (or image sequences):


Computer Coercion Tool is a freeware non-commercial non-profit project. This software is distributed as a contribution to the community. It is free to use and distribute, and is not supported or approved by any of the software companies.

Originally posted to the AudioDesk Forums by Dr. Hartwig Sylla,

Use and redistribution of these programs is allowed provided that (a) these programs

System Requirements:

PC Download

Mac Download
32-bit Version: Windows XP/7/Vista and Mac OS X
64-bit Version: Windows XP/7/Vista and Mac OS X
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I’m not a regular RPG player but I’m glad to support this project and let the designers know that there are people who are interested in this game! I’ll try to keep updating the latest news and maybe I’ll write a review for the game, I’m interested!