Seamless resin flooring for exceptional interiors.


For seamless unity

Natural resin floors that last a lifetime

Interiors with seamless resin floors and walls creating unity. At Senso, we strive to build sustainability into everything we do. Sensofloors are compliant with LEED or Breeam certified buildings, offering an environmentally friendly alternative. Come and see us in one of our many locations across Europe and view our floors and walls for yourself!

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Uniting spaces with a single seamless pour of natural resin, providing a cushioned and comfortable canvas on which you create your own individual interior.

Senso is truly a unique product. Not only can we create beautiful seamless interiors within the home, from the kitchen trough to the bedroom creating a magical space for the family to enjoy, the benefits for commercial spaces such as offices, lobbys, museums and airports are endless. Senso flooring is really a product of multipurpose, adapted for use without compromise.


When choosing Senso, we would like you to be one hundred percent satisfied so that you can enjoy your Senso product to the fullest. Aside from the design, its comfort and its quality, we would also like to tell you a bit more about how we look at sustainability and, in conjunction with this, how we make use of our planet.

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Discover the large variety of solutions Senso offers. From flooring for your home, to products that can withstand extremely high footfall suitable for offices, retail spaces or shopping malls. Browse through some of our recent projects and speak to a member of staff today to schedule a visit to one of our galleries across Europe.

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