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BFG Chat is a chat application with customizable list of avatar images, multiple channels, skins (you can assign different skins to different channels), private messages (from the main window and in special windows), polls, etc.
BFG Chat is one of the first applications that was created with RichView.
RichView was used for the main chat window (and private-talk windows), and for displaying log when updating list of images.







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BFG Chat Server Free Download is a chat application with customizable list of avatar images, multiple channels, skins, and poll windows.
For more info on BFG Chat Server:
For more info on BFG Client:
You can select a channel in clients main window, and switch it to a chat window where you can chat with your friends, or other people using BFG Client.
BFG Client Description:
This application offers 4 chat windows.
Main chat window
Private talk window
Create chat window (Offline chat)
Log window.
You can switch between these chat windows using hotkeys or checkboxes.
To use BFG Chat Server, you’ll have to download it and register it.
BFG Chat Server is the server that handles all communication.
BFG Client is the client that communicates with the server.
Server Update Description:
There are three server update types:
– Minor update
Minor updates are for fixing bugs and removing crashes.
The server always creates an update by adding, removing or changing images.
(Usually, the server updates include bug fixes and performance improvements.)
– Major update
A major update includes new servers, new servers with new features, performance improvements or new skins.
– Maintenance update
This is a minor update to a major update.
To use BFG Chat Server with BFG Client:
You can use BFG Chat server with BFG Client.
If you want, you can set the chat server to a private channel.
(You can create and switch channels in private chat window.)
BFG Chat Server Version 2.1
BFG Client Version 2.1
You can download both BFG Client and BFG Chat Server now.
If you want to install them seperately, you can download both from this page now.
BFG Chat Server 1.0
BFG Chat Server 1.1
BFG Chat Server 1.2
BFG Client 1.0
BFG Client 1.1
BFG Client 1.2
BFG Chat Server 2.0
BFG Chat Server 2.1
BFG Client 2.0
BFG Client 2.1
I’m not responsible for any harms of installing these applications.
Also, because this is a commercial app (means I

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This is the online multiplayer version of BGChat for Windows (provided that the downloaded server version actually works and you can connect to it). You can either connect to an existing server, or create your own (using an xml file, see the “Server Manager” dialog to fill in the parameters). The server will share the same directory as the client on your hard disk, so you don’t need to store your chat files in a separate directory.
A chat server is a computer that accepts messages from the users, puts them in the database, replies to users’ messages, and creates the chat windows.
A chat window contains a “chat container” (the chat log) and a “chat frame” (chat widgets). The chat frame must be set to pull list from the chat container. You can “follow” other users with the “follow” button in their chat frame.
The chat log contains the last 20 chat messages of each user, and can be shown or hidden with the “hide/show log” button.
The “follow” button on the chat frame will, if set, automatically change the container to follow the user.
If you’re installing this server version, the server directory must be set to:
On the welcome page, you can set the server you want, then click on the “start server” button to have it created with default parameters.
You can also use the “Server Manager” dialog to enter the server details and parameters (username, password, database details, etc.). The dialog also contains a “Configure” button that enables you to define the server parameters, such as the game variables.
You can create multiple servers with just one configuration file.

In the On-Top Pop-up list you can quickly find applications with the searched keywords. Just click on the application name and you’ll see all the details about the application, such as its title, description, and the version number.

XML File Description
A Chat Server XML file contains the parameters for the chat server.
Configuration settings for the user interface can be found in the Window Control dialog.

The XML file format:
Application name: “bfgchat” server=:
Player name: username

Server host address: “server@ip”
Server port:
Server hostname:

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It´s is installed on my computer, and there are messages and images (avatars) that are being sent and viewed on many computers connected to Internet.
The image viewer with the provided software can view the images and their content, where they are stored. The images are shown on various places inside the chat application, such as chat windows and lists of images. The avatars can be moved to any location inside the chat.

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BFG Player-BBTN – Software description
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Control by Internet.
Website Channels and User List.

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BFG Chat Server Main Features:
Ability to add remote devices to the list of logged in users.
Dynamic creation and deletion of channels at runtime.
The possibility to create and delete windows, popups, etc.
Ability to create special forms.
Easy user registration and integration.

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ColumnzImplementation of the PIP (Pick-

System Requirements For BFG Chat Server:

– 1GB of RAM, minimum
– 4GB of available space for installation (2GB would be better, but 4GB is still recommended).
– Internet connection (less than 20MBPS speed)
– Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 OS
– A maximum screen resolution of 800×600 pixels or higher
– A non-touch screen (recommended)
– A minimum resolution of 1024×768 pixels
– A computer with a 1280×1024 screen resolution or greater