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AutoCAD includes both 2D drafting tools, such as lines, arcs, circles, text, dimensions, and the like, and 3D modeling tools such as 3D space, drafting tools, and creating and working with solids, surfaces, and wireframes. The AutoCAD desktop software application is currently licensed to both individuals and businesses for various uses, including commercial and non-commercial purposes.

The AutoCAD software product is part of the Autodesk intellectual property portfolio. The application is compatible with many operating systems, and has received worldwide praise from users, who tend to prefer the program to competing CAD software. The trademark of AutoCAD is owned by Autodesk.

What are the different types of AutoCAD licenses?

There are three categories of license available to AutoCAD users: Personal, Professional, and Educational. The difference between these three categories is the amount of benefit a user receives when using AutoCAD.

Personal license

The Personal license is typically offered to students, independent contractors and small businesses, who purchase a single copy of AutoCAD for personal use. Such licenses are not transferable, i.e., once a user has purchased a personal license, he cannot transfer it to someone else.

The license allows the user to use AutoCAD on a single computer. You can install the software on a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Personal license is not intended for use on networks, and is not included in on-line software offerings.

Professional license

The Professional license enables a user to access the most powerful features and functions of AutoCAD by purchasing a single copy. The licenses are not transferable.

Educational license

The Educational license is a valuable tool for instructors, trainers and educational institutions. Educational licenses are offered in several configurations, and the most common license types are for college and university instructors and trainers who are instructors/trainer at a college/university.

The Educational license allows multiple users to use AutoCAD on the same computer. The license can be shared by multiple users, and educational license holders can only use the software on a single computer. You can install the software on a variety of operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. The Educational license includes on-line functionality, and can be shared on networks.

Education license holders can offer AutoCAD to students who are taking courses from them,

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Dec 2017:
Structure-by-structure (SBS)
Version 2017.1 is available.
More features. The ability to create 2D sheet setups (basically a multi-sheet drawing) are now available.
2018-02-07, release is now available on the application store Autodesk Exchange Apps
2018-01-16, release on the application store Autodesk Exchange Apps
2016-12-19, adds new drawing tools (Paging, Line, Polyline, Circle, Rectangle, Text, Diagonal Line, 3D Arc, Polyline)
2016-12-11, adds new drawing tools (Lines, Rectangles, Circles, 3D Polyline)
2015-12-22, Multi-sheet (2D drawings) are now available
2015-12-15, adds new drawing tools (Polylines, Circles, 3D Polyline)
2015-12-14, adds new drawing tools (Linestrings, Polylines, 3D Line, Polyline)
2015-10-22, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, Circle, 3D Arc)
2015-09-13, adds new drawing tools (Line, Arc, Diagonal Line, Polyline)
2015-05-21, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, Circle, 3D Polyline)
2014-12-17, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, Arc, 3D Arc)
2014-10-18, Multi-sheet (2D drawings) are now available
2014-07-11, adds new drawing tools (Line, Polyline, Polyline3D, Arc, Diagonal Line)
2013-12-15, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, 3D Polyline, Diagonal Line, Circle)
2012-12-27, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, Diagonal Line)
2011-12-24, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, Diagonal Line)
2010-12-09, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, Arc, Diagonal Line)
2009-12-19, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Polyline3D, Arc, Diagonal Line)
2008-12-07, adds new drawing tools (Polyline, Poly

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What’s New in the?

Partial import of an existing drawing (video: 1:27 min.)

Markup Assist: Add a label to the geometry of a component or a drawing, import it into the drawing, and edit it interactively. (video: 1:23 min.)

Label Features:

Label View and Zoom: Label View has been completely reworked to support a wider range of object types and greater performance. Zoom now provides immediate results, regardless of the selected layer.

New Label Options: Show labels as AutoCAD objects. Draw custom labels using an advanced interface.

and ZOOM now provides immediate results, regardless of the selected layer. Show labels as AutoCAD objects. Draw custom labels using an advanced interface. Advanced Label Options: A single or multiple layer file can be selected and attributes, fonts, and text can be edited directly in the label template.

Support for object type and object-specific attributes

Support for text background color and a new font color

Improved compatibility with imported objects

New Layer Navigation: An intuitive new layer navigation that allows you to quickly navigate through the new stacked window interface. You can navigate through the layers of a file or view a 2D or 3D view of the drawing at the same time. You can also hide the layers that you do not need to view the drawing.

New multiline text option

New text format settings (new justification)

New command line for converting labels

Coloring and themes:

Coloring lets you use the color for objects or attributes to convey information to other users of your drawings and documents. An intuitive interface makes it easy to create custom and consistent color themes.

A sophisticated color picker that enables you to choose colors that match your tastes and the requirements of your projects. For additional flexibility, pick colors directly from the predefined palettes.

Create, view, and edit color themes.


The design-time experience has been improved with a new interface for choosing the basic looks of your drawings. Each of the controls in the new Style Browser provides you with a preview of your changes in context, so you can easily see how it will affect your drawings.

The new Style Builder lets you create your own style sets for editing parts of your drawings.

For a real-time preview, you can select and configure the style of any part of your drawing using the

System Requirements:

Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
Microsoft DirectX 9
OpenGL version 3.1
Microsoft DirectX 9.0c
OpenGL version 3.3
General Game Play:
It is a turn based strategy game where each player has their own team of human soldiers, craftsmen and monsters to use on the battlefield. They can be of any race, nationality, or profession. As the game is turn based, each player has two turns a day to order