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The AutoCAD software is licensed on a perpetual basis, with a customer license for every user on a given platform. This ensures that all users (autodesk employee and client) must purchase licenses for their own personal use.

In addition, Autodesk offers:

Web-based AutoCAD Training and Certification program at AutoCAD Online Academy

AutoCAD Add-on/Software for HVAC & Building Design Development programs

AutoCAD in-house training and certification programs.

In comparison to the world’s other widely used CAD software applications, AutoCAD is older, with a much more mature legacy and infrastructure, which provides additional stability. AutoCAD is also much more mature than GIS and CAD software applications. CAD applications require both hardware and software capabilities, which often can cause compatibility issues with other software. CAD applications are also much more complex than GIS software and other types of non-CAD software. AutoCAD is probably the world’s most advanced, and most used, commercial CAD software application.

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AutoCAD was originally developed in 1982 by Bradford W. Smith in Los Altos, California for his commercial architectural software company, Autodesk, Inc. The first version of AutoCAD ran on the Macintosh personal computer, with the user interface and drawing tools running in real-time on the graphics display hardware on the Mac. Later versions supported the Macintosh II, the Macintosh Plus, the Macintosh IIci, and the Macintosh IIe. The Windows version was introduced in 1985.

After Smith’s departure from Autodesk in 1985, several Autodesk employees developed an implementation of AutoCAD for the Apple Lisa computer platform. After Lisa was discontinued by Apple in 1985, the Apple Lisa/Macintosh AutoCAD implementation was integrated into the Macintosh version.

At that point, AutoCAD became a part of Autodesk’s product portfolio. Autodesk shipped AutoCAD as a stand-alone software application. Autodesk also published a software “geography” version called AutoCAD GIS, which was designed to work with the AutoCAD software.

In 1991, the company shipped the first version of AutoCAD that was packaged in a “box”. This “boxed” version was targeted to businesses and users of CAD in general. The new version was called AutoCAD.

The concept of AutoCAD was originally

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Parameters(size_t size = 0) : std::vector(size, nullptr)

Parameters(const std::string& default_value)
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Parameters(const Parameters&);

Parameters& operator=(const Parameters&);


Parameters& operator=(Parameters&&);

Parameters(Parameters&& other) noexcept
: std::vector

What’s New In?

Track sheet editing changes with tooltips on the drawing. You can now easily identify the changes made to a sheet, either by clicking on the sheet name in the Sheet Pane or by hovering over the sheet name in the Sheets Pane.

Create and edit drawings in multiple CAD systems. You can now open drawings in AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD MEP from the same application. (video: 1:40 min.)

Create and edit drawings in multiple CAD systems. You can now open drawings in AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD MEP from the same application. (video: 1:40 min.)

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Note: The following keyboard shortcuts are listed for reference purposes and may or may not be assigned in future releases. You may notice these shortcuts listed in the User Interface as standard. The actual shortcut used in any given application depends on the drawing type you are editing.

Command | Key

Viewing Modes:

New! Dynamic View for drafting.

Drafting panels move automatically with the cursor, letting you focus on what matters most, your drawing.

New! Dynamic View for engineering.

Sketch and other engineering-specific tools that help you capture design ideas quickly and efficiently.

New! Dynamic View for the Projects window.

Get the big picture of your projects in a bird’s-eye view to get a big-picture view of your entire project.

Design Center:

With one click, download and install most 3D printing software into the Design Center and quickly review your designs to check their fit in the 3D printer and view your 3D printing options in the Design Center.


New! Interact with your drawings.

Select an element to open it. When you are in a drawing area, double-click or use a gesture to select more than one object in a drawing to open them simultaneously. For example, select a few objects, then double-click on one.

A drawing element is selected by default. If no drawing element is selected, select the Drawing Elements > Select Drawing Element menu option, or select an element by holding down the Ctrl key and selecting from the list.

New! Make precise selections with the Magic Wand.

Select an object by clicking on the object or by pressing Shift and then clicking. Click on the edge of a drawing object to

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

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