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AutoCAD was the first desktop CAD program for the microcomputers of the early 1980s. At that time, the computer industry was dominated by mainframe computers and minicomputers. These were large, expensive machines, and few businesses had the budget to buy them. As a result, CAD users had few alternatives. If they wanted to do any kind of drafting, they would typically use one of the commercially available CAD programs on a mainframe or minicomputer, connected to a computer graphics terminal through a proprietary terminal interface. Users would be required to become familiar with the proprietary interface, which typically required an operator to sit next to the terminal and run the CAD program directly from the terminal.

It was not until 1982 that the first successful desktop CAD program was introduced, and even then, it was still several years before the industry at large realized the commercial potential of such programs. Because the field was still in its infancy, those who designed CAD programs generally lacked the technical expertise necessary to create an application that would sell in the commercial market. In particular, the problem of giving users the ability to create and manipulate a realistic drawing of a complex model posed a considerable challenge for the designers of early CAD programs. By the time CAD began to grow in popularity, the industry was at the point where the technology was maturing. This meant that CAD software became more user friendly and easier to design.

Early on, the focus of CAD software was on engineering design, which has always required high precision. CAD software was used to draw on, erase and move around sheets of metal and other materials to create a 3D model, for which the designer needs the ability to understand and represent 3D objects, such as planes, edges, holes, and creases in the objects, as well as how these objects fit together. From the beginning, design intent was one of the main aspects of CAD. CAD designers did not work from scratch but instead relied on pre-existing designs to create their own models. As a result, early CAD programs were highly constrained and lacked the user interface design flexibility that has become a hallmark of later CAD programs.

Since its early days, AutoCAD has provided multiple tools to help designers accomplish their work. In addition to the line and circle features, early CAD programs had more or less rudimentary features for drawing and editing basic geometric shapes. They included line, arc and circle tools, as well as the ability to copy, paste, cut, select, insert and rotate shapes. As computer technology

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AutoCAD has traditionally used command line and direct API (for command line users) for automation and operation. Since AutoCAD 2017, the design surface has been integrated to the command line, which allows for more graphical interaction with the user interface. Support for graphical scripting languages, such as Python, were also added in this release.

For Model Central users, there is the Model Central product that features a Web-based GUI, allowing users to perform more complex operations. It allows importing, editing and exporting Autodesk Design Review files, as well as it allows file exchange with other software.


AutoCAD was originally developed by a separate software company, Autodesk, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2009. The initial version of AutoCAD (AutoCAD 2) was released on October 27, 1989, with a price of $600 USD for the desktop application and $600 for the license. The first downloadable version was released on January 25, 1990. The first Macintosh-based version, AutoCAD 1, was released in 1990. A version of AutoCAD for the Workgroup Manager was released in 1996 and the first version available for Microsoft Windows was AutoCAD 2000, which was released on October 2, 2000.

Samples and utilities

In 1990, Autodesk sold the first “AutoCAD for Windows” samples and utilities, including a licensed sample “How to Avoid the Shipping Line”. The samples provided a few basic functions, including: drawing a rectangle, building a house, printing a document, and saving and loading a file. In addition, these sample files can be modified, and new functions can be added.


AutoCAD has always been released quarterly, sometimes on the last day of each month.

Release History


The AutoCAD Roadmap is a historical record of features that are planned or are currently under development in AutoCAD, and it is available in print and online. Its purpose is to provide a record of features that have been worked on in previous releases. Each release of AutoCAD lists the features that are planned for the next release, and provides a brief description. New feature development is usually scheduled for the next year’s roadmap.

AutoCAD 2030

In 2010, a book called AutoCAD 2030 was released, written by Wolfgang König and Guido Hoek. The book has

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

“The Virtual Environment Designer”:

Place images from the Web into your drawings. Your drawings can now contain images and graphical elements that you can edit as you work on them, so you don’t have to redo the same steps repeatedly.

Support for up to 16 concurrent users on a single server

Automatically identify and communicate errors

New: text editing tools for the command line and for the AutoCAD Point cloud viewer

Color, 4K.Video and feature set detailed here:

Learn more about AutoCAD in our blog and on the Autodesk developer portal.

For more information about the AutoCAD Release Candidate, please see the release notes, available here.


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System Requirements:

Windows PC (Mac, Linux, etc.)
Check the game in our official Steam page and download the latest build for your operating system (Steam).
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Scroll down with the Scroll Wheel on your mouse.