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The overwhelming majority of architectural drawings produced by AutoCAD are 2D architectural drawings. AutoCAD software may also be used to prepare 3D models and 3D drawings. (3D drawings created in AutoCAD are actually 3D models, and not 3D drawings.)

AutoCAD is used by architects, engineers, drafters, contractors, and other architecture, engineering, and construction professionals. For more details, see the related article on the CAD industry.

There are several AutoCAD versions. AutoCAD LT was released in 1996 and was targeted towards smaller businesses. The current version of AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2017, was released in October 2009 and is a fully updated version of AutoCAD 2016.


1.1 What is AutoCAD?

1.2 Different kinds of AutoCAD

1.3 AutoCAD settings

1.4 Using AutoCAD

1.5 Getting help

1.6 Further resources

1.7 See also

1.8 Where to get help and download AutoCAD

1.9 See also

2.1 How to use AutoCAD

2.2 Drawing and editing 2D and 3D objects

2.3 Using the coordinate system

2.4 Using AutoLISP

2.5 Using AutoCAD for other purposes

2.6 See also

3.1 How to draw

3.2 Draw a 2D object

3.3 Editing an existing 2D drawing

3.4 Using the command window

3.5 Using AutoCAD for other purposes

3.6 See also

4.1 How to use the drawing commands

4.2 Using the diagramming commands

4.3 Using the command window

4.4 Using AutoCAD for other purposes

5.1 How to insert and delete

5.2 How to manage drawing data

5.3 Using the command window

5.4 Using AutoCAD for other purposes

5.5 See also

6.1 How to apply, view, and edit styles

6.2 Using the command window

6.3 Using AutoCAD for other purposes

7.1 How to work with features and object properties

7.2 Using the drawing commands


AutoCAD Free Download [32|64bit] (April-2022)


The AutoCAD Download With Full Crack application (the drawing program itself, not a drawing package) is a 3D application. It supports 2D pages and 3D space. AutoCAD Crack Keygen 2017 is a 2D application.

File format
AutoCAD supports a large number of file formats.

Supported graphics formats include:

AutoCAD 2017
BMP (Raster), DXF (Vector), DWG (Vector), PNRP (Scanned images), RTF (Text), TIF (Tagged Image File Format), XPS (Open XML Paper Specification), EMF (Windows Metafile), PDF (Portable Document Format), WMF (Windows Metafile), SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PICT (Pixmap Image), PICT (Pixmap) and GIF (Graphics Interchange Format)

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Further reading

External links

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When a developer develops an application, it typically requires some amount of prior experience to know how to design, create, and develop an application that is able to execute the desired functionality. However, if a user or a casual user has some experience with a particular application or a programming language, they may be able to write some code to write a custom automation script that does not require any programming experience. Such users typically write scripts using a text-based language, such as Python, and these scripts may be executed by using the AutoIT Library.
However, due to the current state of AutoIT, there may be bugs or other defects in the Scripts that have been written. These defects may be present in the scripts, or may be introduced through updates to the AutoIT libraries. Currently, a user may write a Script to automate an application that is used by hundreds of thousands of users and that may have a plethora of defects. In order to track and identify these defects, a person (e.g., a person that writes and maintains the AutoIT libraries) is required to open each Script that is used by AutoIT to determine whether there are any defects in the Script. However, the defects may be difficult to locate due to many Scripts being written and the defects may be difficult to identify due to many defects being introduced by each Script.
Moreover, in order to maintain the Scripts and other information pertaining to the Scripts, a person is required to keep the Scripts in a server or some other separate computer, and to edit the Scripts manually to determine if any defects are introduced, to update the version of AutoIT that may be used, and to keep the Scripts up to date with the AutoIT libraries. In the prior art, if a person wants to know about a particular defect, they may have to access a separate file, a separate database

What’s New In?

Add customized features to any feature in a drawing. With Markup Assist, you can enhance your model with the changes you make as you work.

(video: 2:17 min.)

New 3D modelling tools for architects and engineers.

AutoCAD’s parametric features now work with 3D printing. AutoCAD’s Xref Technology:

Leverage the power of Xref Technology to optimize your workflow and save you time.

Let the printer do the work. Make your drawings readable by including your objects in CAD models. If you’re printing your drawings, AutoCAD 3D tools work best in the areas that are red, not blue, so that they’re clear to see in 3D.

Now you can review and edit or update your CAD files even after the printed parts are shipped. Review the model, check to ensure that all components are included and print only the parts that need to be updated.

(video: 1:58 min.)

Share models with other Autodesk products and third-party CAD tools, including ProE and Fusion 360.

The Markup Data Language:

Introducing a new approach to workflow – a common repository where you can publish, share, sync and collaborate on your designs, and take advantage of a seamless user experience for all your applications.

Save time and save money with multiple file format support. Import and convert text, vector, raster and DXF files, at once.

(video: 1:53 min.)

Advanced Visualization:

Interactive 3D tools work across applications. Let your drawings be the reference point in your design for your 3D models.

Use Advanced Visualization tools in your CAD model to work with CAD models. For example, bring your 3D model into a host application to use advanced visualization features such as the applier, color picker, and the drawing tools.

Get simple and scalable working environments with modern, new experience. We’re introducing a modern 3D user interface for easier navigation and getting started.

Our new CAD User Interface:

Dynamic and responsive to your needs. Features a smart design that makes it easier to interact with tools and folders.

Dynamic, responsive user interface that responds to your actions and to the tool you’re working with. Open an icon and

System Requirements:

Windows XP or later
Mac OS X 10.6 or later
Available on PC: Windows, Mac
Support Files:
For Window or Mac OS X
Linux OS
Need to extract the patch, and apply it to your client.
Syntax : clcplayer -i pomelo-client-next.pomelo -o client-next.pomelo
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