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When it comes to organizing, developing and sharing ideas or collaborating on projects, there is a plethora of services to choose from. While some are more focused on visual content and others geared towards note-taking, spreadsheet or collaboration work, one thing is certain: they all have advantages or disadvantages over the other.
Aiming to change our expectations of organizing apps, Airtable is a modern, smooth-running and very interesting piece of software that offers you the best features of almost all the organization services, without feeling ever-so-cumbersome for the average user.
This said, Airtable's goal is to help you organize absolute everything you can think of. It combines the power of a database while remaining flexible like a spreadsheet application, sprinkled with all kinds of organization tools and offering support for rich content, on top of which, it adds support for a wide variety of modern web services.
Easy installation, simple login, and adequate documentation
Subsequent to installing the app on your computer and upon first launching it, you are invited to either create a new Airtable account or log in using your official Google credentials.
Considering that it aims to offer all of the aforementioned features, neatly wrapped within a single application, you might be tempted to think that Airtable will be difficult to get to grips with but this actually not the case.
Once logged in, you can start to explore the app's functionality using some of the provided example Bases, by reading the provided guide or by watching the useful video tutorials.
Modern and very user-friendly interface
No doubt, this is one of those applications that will require a fair bit of getting used to, especially if you haven't used complex spreadsheet applications before, with which it shares most of its layout and UI elements.
Probably the first thing you should know is the fact that Airtable allows you to organize and visualize data with the help of an interesting set of self-explanatory layouts, namely Main View, Grid, Form, Calendar and Galery.
By now, it should be clear that Airtable is not limited just to numbers and text. You can take advantage of all sorts of rich content such as check boxes, notes and other media-related bits and bobs.
Share forms, chat with team members and sync your Airtable data with other services
Another, very important, capability of Airtable is represented by the fact that it allows you to organize your records in a wide variety of ways. It is also worth mentioning that with the help of this utility, you can create and share forms.
Collaboration is also one of Airtable's strongest features as it allows you to chat with other members.
This is probably the best time to mention that the app features integration support with Dropbox, Asana, Basecamp, Box, Facebook, Evernote, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pocket, Slack, SoundCloud, Stripe, Trello, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Wunderlist, Youtube and most of the Google-vetted services around.
One of the best and most accessible applications for data organization
All in all, Airtable is a comprehensive relational database management system with a set of very well thought-out features for organization, sharing and team collaboration.
The most praise-worthy fact is not that it bundles all these incredibly useful features but that it manages to do so while remaining user-friendly and perfectly in tune with the both novice or more advanced users' needs.







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Airtable is a database for the modern world. It’s a tool to organize everything in one place — from spreadsheets to tasks to events to contacts.
As a database, Airtable can manage any information you need to store — from contacts to tasks to events to ideas. You can build on top of Airtable and create an unlimited number of apps to manage your entire life.
As a tool for collaboration, Airtable makes it easy to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, or databases. You can share as much or as little as you want.
With its free plan, Airtable gives you everything you need to get started — access to the world’s information in one place. All plans come with the ability to collaborate with your coworkers, access information from anywhere using multiple devices, and attach additional data to documents as you work.
Key Features
Hand-off your contacts to your colleagues, anywhere in the world.
Create lists and use filters to make information easier to find.
Access data from anywhere using multiple devices.
Use Airtable on the web, iPhone or Android and sync data between them.
Receive email alerts when things change on your plan, or when someone changes or creates an entry.
Create spreadsheets, databases, and forms that are searchable, filterable, and sortable.
Track what’s going on with your contacts, spreadsheets, or databases in real time.
As you create and organize data, Airtable analyzes what you do, which helps make it easy to spot trends.
Create and share custom views of your data, including instant groupings, charts, and filters.
Use drag-and-drop to move, copy, and link cells between any row, column, or table in your database.
Keep data up-to-date across all the services you use.
Follow your colleagues’ activities and see what’s being created in real time.
Grow your database as you work.
Add attachments to any entry.
Attach files to an activity.
Search the web for content related to a document or list.
As a team, you can track your progress and collaborate on spreadsheets, databases, or documents.
Airtable integrations
Add all of your Gmail contacts in one place.
Sync your personal and work-related data from Dropbox, Box, and Google.
Chat with your team in Slack.
Schedule meetings in Google Calendar

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CREATE, EDIT, STORE, SHARE, SORT. If you can think it, Airtable can organize it.
Access anywhere
With Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, or Google Drive integration, you can use Airtable on all your computers and mobile devices.
Free forever
Airtable is free and forever.
Never another upgrade, ever.
Work together
With integrations to dozens of services like Dropbox, Trello, Asana, Basecamp, Github, and more.
The app offers a perfect balance between simplicity and complexity
A very complex and feature-rich app that offers a very clean and user-friendly interface, without sacrificing powerful data management features.
It manages to offer the best of the best while remaining as smooth and easy to use as a spreadsheet application, thanks to its intuitive UI and the abundance of features it provides.
Perfect for big teams
With Airtable, you can collaborate on everything from simple checklists to forms to custom objects, making it a great tool for teams and groups.
Works seamlessly with cloud-based services
You can work with Airtable on all of your computers, tablets and mobile devices with integrations to dozens of popular services like Dropbox, Trello, Asana, Basecamp and more.
It offers quick data entry without ever leaving the app
Create lists, grids and tables with text, checkboxes, and more. Drag and drop content, quickly filter to find the right records, and use Airtable’s extra content tools like photos, links, files, and web form support to get the best results.
Accessibility and security are just as important to us as functionality.
Secure, encrypted, real-time
Airtable uses the latest encryption methods to securely store your information.
Airtable Features:
• Work with rich content
• Powerful database management
• Easy data entry without leaving the app
• Customize your data with ease
• No need to upgrade as Airtable is free and forever
• Built-in document editing
• Create custom fields and fieldsets
• Stunning visualizations
• Built-in and free integrations with dozens of services
• Mobile, tablet, and desktop access
• Quickly access your data from any device
• Import data from dozens of sources
• Access your data from any browser without install
• Fast and free real-time collaboration
• Never worry about upgrades or fees again

Airtable is basically a database

Airtable With License Code

In a few words, Airtable is a web-based workspace application that helps you organize, collaborate and share information.
Airtable User Interface & Features
Airtable works with the data that you already have available in your system and doesn’t require additional installation on your computer. It’s free to try, so there’s no risk in giving it a try.
Database App
Airtable is a database app. You can access your data in Airtable from any of your devices. If you want to share work to others on a timeline, Airtable is a perfect option.
Spreadsheet App
Airtable can be used as a spreadsheet app. It uses a clean and intuitive interface that will help anyone understand it.

So, you’ve decided to shift your workforce to the cloud and you have reason to believe that any day now, your choice could be vindicated.
It seems like you’ve already started working with cloud-based solutions – you’ve signed up to a CRM software and you’re using the collaboration features of your preferred messaging service.
On the other hand, maybe you’re still experimenting with various cloud-based services and none of them has tickled your fancy.
Regardless of whether or not you’ve already started, there are some pros and cons of choosing this kind of workplace solution that need to be taken into consideration before settling on your final choice.
Why Use Cloud-Based Solutions?
One of the most obvious benefits of using a cloud-based solution is that it’s available when and where you need it, without the need for you to spend time and resources on integrating it into your current processes.
You also avoid installing software on each and every device in your office. This should free up precious time and will make your work more efficient.
Consider the Possibility of Disconnecting
One of the greatest challenges of the current organizational landscape is the fact that the internet is not a certainty. It’s possible that at any given moment, you may be unable to connect to the internet, at least for any kind of period of time.
To be frank, such an occasion is not all that uncommon. Think about the effect of an unexpected blackout – the phone line cuts and you’re unable to connect to your email address. How much time do you think your inbox will hold up before you start hitting the refresh button?
The mere fact that you’re being trained to think in such terms should serve as a powerful motivator to consider cloud-based solutions

What’s New In?

Airtable is an application that offers an incredible range of services, and that comes wrapped within an incredibly smooth, intuitive and powerful interface.
It allows you to organize content in an absolute manner, while retaining its flexibility.
Thanks to Airtable, you can create forms that easily integrate with the rest of your online workflow.
Furthermore, you can communicate with your team members while collaborating on the same projects.
Using the app, you can collaborate with others in real-time. All this comes accompanied by the simplicity that makes Airtable one of the most user-friendly applications to ever hit the market.

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Airtable is an extremely powerful and easy to use tool that makes it possible for you to organize and share information in a very neat and orderly manner. With Airtable, you can create forms that make it easy to share information, chat with team members, collaborate on the same work while retaining the simplicity of a list-based system.
Here are the many reasons why you need Airtable in your daily organization routine!
You Need Airtable In Your Daily Routine
Let’s get one thing clear: Airtable is not your ordinary document editing software.
It allows you to create forms that match the look and feel of Google Forms, so that it makes sense to share those forms with anyone you want.
This implies that this application is ideal for large companies, as they can create and share forms that are tailored to their structure and culture.
Furthermore, once you create a form in Airtable, you can sync it with all the services and tools you already use, such as Dropbox, Asana, Box, Evernote, GitHub, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Pocket, Slack, Trello, Tumblr, Twitter, WordPress, Wunderlist, and Youtube.
This means that you can collaborate with other team members on the same projects using a single tool instead of opening up different applications that could conflict with each other.
Create Forms and Share Information With Ease
With Airtable, creating forms is incredibly easy.
You can take a look at the many examples on the Airtable help center or simply head straight to the main interface and create a new form.
Once you do

System Requirements For Airtable:

OS: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Video: DirectX 9-capable hardware and operating system.
Graphics: DirectX 9-capable hardware and operating system.
Hard Disk Space: 50 MB of free disk space
Sound Card: DirectX 9-capable hardware and operating system
Additional Notes: Cannot run Unity 2D mode or OS X
OS: Windows Vista, Windows